Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Emolyn turns 2 (like 2 weeks ago)

So I know I am overdue for a post but i had to document Emolyn's 2nd birthday! And some updates on what its like to be Emolyn at 2. Emolyn had her first party at my moms house. it was supposed to be outside but the rain kept us in.
Emolyn was so glad to have her family there and loved that uncle tyty came even though he had to work.
She was happy to get a meal she could use her fork but mostly her hands. see how much she likes chicken! Emolyn is like the least picky eater ever, its fantastic.
Finally she got her cake. we did a "colossal cupcake" last year and it was perfect. who else at the party eats cake? Plus she got red frosting with her favorite friend Elmo on top. She sings the "elmo's world" theme song pretty well.
And after a time on gluttony, she is done. and she was pretty clear about it.
Emolyn and her family guests had a great time at the party, she really enjoyed presents but I didn't get any pictures of that sorry. The party ended with the need for a nap, which happened pretty shortly after she got in the car to head home. Thanks family for a great 2nd birthday party!
On Emolyns actually birthday (she turned 2 on 2/22) we went to the science center with the Winzelers, because Baby Addie, as Emolyn calls her has a birthday the day after Emolyn. So thinking it was the childrens science museum we got free culture passes from the library (that you city of phx) and headed downtown.
The girls didn't seem to notice my disappointment in choosing the wrong location but hey it was free. The first stop was this construction area about how homes are built well the girls didn't care for that as much as the play house that was there.
Then we went upstairs and found the "wired" area all about energy. The girls found some things but the dads found lots of things!
Emolyn got to play with this air thing that was pretty fun.

Then she laid on a bed of nails.

Then the dads fixed all the rings so the ball went through each of them in a perfect arc.
We decided to head to lunch next at Tacos de Jaurez, where Emolyn fell out of her high chair. After some tears all was well and we parted ways the the Winzelers. We had the 2nd half of birthday to do!

The final birthday event was the evening of Emolyns birthday and Gigi and Popo's house. Gigi made a big dinner and the family came out to celebrate. Emolyn got some very fun gifts. Aunt Marianne gave her a "baby doll" she calls all the others just "babies" but this one is very fancy so its a "baby doll".
And that any good little mommy Emolyn rocks her baby.
Gigi made special lemon cupcakes for Emolyn. Emolyn still clueless about candles and fascinated by the fire took forever till we blew it out.

At 2 Emolyn can:
count to 11 (minus 5, she hates 5)
sing parts of ABC's
Dance with motions to several songs also making up motions to songs that do not have any
she has now been a flower girl twice
some hair is starting to show up
she loves the shower
other than several wiping poop on herself incidents we have been getting better at using the potty (we being Emolyn, shawn and I pretty much have it down)
She loves babies, real and otherwise, and always thinks they are sleeping
like apple juice, altoid mints and cheese
likes talking on the phone, which is usually silence
loves shoes and other accessories, namely purses and sunglasses
loves her mom and dad and calls for each of them on a regular basis!
Our little girl is so loved we had such a fun time with family and friends. Stay tuned for more of our adventures!