Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Elsie's 6 month photo shoot

Im finally posting the pictures fro Elsies photo shoot because I was waiting to give them as mothers day gift. So here they are. Awesome Tracey at En Love Photography did an amazing job capturing my happy little lady.

Emolyn 9 months
Elsie 6 months

 I saw this planter and just thought what a cute idea! I think Tracey thought I was nuts but isnt it fun! I was standing right there and Elsie was totally cool with it. She is so easy going.
 Look at those matching eyes!

 I like seeing their arms next to each other. Its so funny how Emolyn totally has my coloring and Elsie is so fair. Bring on the sun screen!

 We had to get some pictures of Elsie in this sweet sailor outfit from my aunt Marianne. Isn't it adorable!
Elsie update: Not crawling yet but starting to rock on all 4's. She loves being in her bumbo and loves to eat. She weights 16 lbs. She has amazing fine motor skills and loves to grab anything in her reach. She prefers her mom to anyone and loves singing/talking with her favorite sound being "ma ma ma ma". She sits up and her favorite toys make noise, she loves her "sheep book". She laughs at Emolyn all the time. Emolyns favorite thing is to tell Elsie "a boo!" and it really makes her laugh. Emolyn is a great sharer and wishes she could carry elsie but at only 10 lbs different its not going to happen anytime soon.