Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun treat!

My neighbor across he street and down one gave us this super cute horse for Emolyn!
As you can tell she loves it! This lady is so nice and I can never remember her name but I did watch her son once when I let her borrow my car. Funny story.
Oh and Emolyn was strutting in a winter wonderland today. She looked so cute!
We went to say hi to Mimi for her birthday! Emoyln cant say "Happy Birthday" yet. But she can say "happy" and "birthday" just not back to back! We had a special girls only weekend with Shawn being out of town in Disneyland. It was super fun while also exhausting. She makes me tired, but I love her! We jam packed the weekend and were going going going the whole time. And Emolyn seems to have a cold (runny nose, no fever, but it sure makes her grumpy!). Oh well Shawn will have to deal with it tonight. He is finally home!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we went shopping at our local Whitfill Nursery for Morton Thompson (our christmas tree's name). We named him the first year and decided that would always be his name. So now its Morton the 5th. It was extra cold here like 45 degrees so we bundled up and headed to dinner. Our family tradition is dinner first. This is Shawn's year to pick the place so we ate at The Yard House and got there in time for happy hour! We shared 2 appetizers and they were huge! Sliders and Chicken nachos. And Emolyn had some soup. Her new thing is soup she loves to say "soup" and to eat soup.
This was what tree shopping looked like for us.
Emoyln sat next to the HUGE inflatable snow man. Just to give you a little perspective...Here is the tree at home! We usually only get a 5 foot tree due to our enormous cast iron tree stand!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Check out our new family pictures!

We were blessed to know Erica Sawrey of Cora Kingston Photography who spent several hours following us around Saguaro Ranch Park capturing out little family having fun. Check out these sweet photos!
Thanks Erica!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thompson Family Disneyland 09 part 1

We had a great time at Disneyland with Shawn's family but it started out a little rocky for Emolyn. On our previous trips to Disneyland Emolyn was anywhere from totally excited to crying out in horror (mostly when she saw the annimatronic Buzz Lightyear right before the ride). So this trip we decided to just be layed back and let her enjoy Disneyland to whatever extend she wanted to enjoy Disneyland. It was really her trip.
Linda dressed her in a princess dress over her clothes everyday so she was a little princess. As you can see...
Come on dad, lets go!
After attempting to ride Peter Pan where she started crying in line Shawn and I went and had a little photo time in Fantasy Land. She loves being with her daddy. Or "dad" as she calls him, or "mom" as she also calls him!
As you can tell she loved the Alice and Wonderland ride...
And so did Tyler...
But the day got better I promise! It was hard to get her in a photo with a smile there for a while! Stay tuned for part 2, wishing wells!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09

For Halloween this year we had our 5th annual Halloween party friday night and celebrated Halloween at the fall festival at church. Shawn and I were a 70's couple.Miranda was Danish or Swedish or Norwegian, we didn't really know. Maybe Dutch?
My mom and John were the old hippie couple, past their prime.
Emolyn was a hotdog.
Meredith and I were accidental twins
Emolyn loved seeing her friends all dressed up. Madison was a ballerina fairy princess.
Emolyn loved the games, we were like the first people there which was so perfect because she got to do everything without the big kids in the way! When we got to the face painting we let her choose her won color. Brown. yuck. at least it matched her costume.
Her favorite part about each game was no matter if you won or lost (or cheated which was frequently the case) she always got candy.
She carried her "candy purse" until it got too heavy. She had some super cute pictures taken by Erica at Cora Kingston Photography.
All the moms got together for a mommy and girl photos. As always I photographed well.
Jeannette pulled the girls around in her wagon. Both girls were "so big". It was pretty funny to see them with their hands up like hey were on a rollarcoaster.

By the end of the night Emolyn could say "hot dog" and she had wiped off most of her face paint. All in all we had another great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We had the opportunity to take advantage of the timeshare we have had for 5 years and spend 2 weekends ago there. We had such a great time together as our little family it was so much fun! Emolyn of course was extra cute and we brought plenty of snacks to keep her happy.

And happy she was as she sang "a b c, a b c". Its fantastic.
She has also picked up "air drumming" from shawn and even makes sound effects sometimes! Daddy's little girl!
We got to enjoy the resorts kiddy pool, probably our last swimming adventure for the year, in October, so sad.
It was so nice to relax. We have had something planned every night for it feels like 2 months! How did we get so busy? Anyway I have been working extra so Im a little burnt out after work and house work. sorry about the lack of blogs but I know you have been dying to see her! I will include some new photos soon, because her winter outfits are super cute! Yeah cool weather!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Zoo Day!

So Wednesdays in September are free at the Phoenix Zoo if you are a Frys VIP member, which who isn't? So Jeannette and I took our girls to the zoo. Madison is 6 months younger that Emolyn and they had a great time together. They almost held hands once. Mostly we were glad there was no hitting or stealing of things. They played very well well together. And what a cute pair!Jeannette had to go to the bathroom and Madi was non too happy to be alone with me!
So I see now Emolyn might need a bigger shirt!

We had a great time! We cant wait to watch these birgls grow up together! And cant wait for more new friends to come! Welcome Rori!

Mom gets out

A couple fo friends at work were having a birthday celebration and invited me to join them. So I went out. Alone. It was fun but pretty weird. I decided I like going out with shawn best. But it was fun to dress up.
Emolyn helped pick my shoes.
And she picked a pair for herself.
She is so funny! I love her so bad!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things Emolyn likes

Emolyn loves to brush her teeth, and she is a good brusher! Only she cries when we take her toothbrush away. Also in this picture is what we call "bunny baby" a sweet gift from Aunt Etna and Uncle Barry that is a baby in a little bunny costume. Emolyn loves it and was heart broken when she needed a bath today, baby bunny that is. She had a run in with a very drippy, very upside down sippy cup of milk. ANd of course you all know about the hat issue we have.
I just put this outfit on Emolyn the other day and I wish I would have done it sooner! The overalls are almost too short! They are hand-me-downs and she loves them! She had her hand in her pocket like all day. Also pictured is her baby stroller. Poor Maurice has been rammed several times but she loves it.
Baby Signing Time. Emolyn LOVES IT! Im so glad our friend Anne is letting us borrow it because it is fantastic. Emolyn knows over 30 signs. It amazing. She dances she closes her eyes and sings, she spins in a circle. It has made baby communication much easier. Although she has really started talking a lot more lately. Still calls almost everyone "mom" and screams "mom" a lot, she did say "pop pop" when she saw Randys picture!
And now you know Emolyn is a gangster. She put both hats on herself and can do some of her dressing herself. But this is her new pose. And when she sees herself (she will spend 10 minutes in front of the oven taking and dancing for her reflection) she sticks out her tongue.
Ever heard the term "makin and relaxin" or "chillin like a villian"? Either of those would describe this unposed picture that Shawn captured. Priceless.
Otherwise life is me at work and shawn job searching and doing some free-lance design work from home. His new company is called Ithaca Designs. Check out some of his stuff here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Emolyn loves to put on hats. She comes out of her room wearing them. Its pretty hilarious. Hee are a few examples. Some times the hats are hers, some times not. Oh and she does the same with her "hair accessories".

She also loves shoes. She is such a little lady!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new recipe

I dont usually like Salmon but I got a great new way to make it more tasty and less fishy! This recipe comes from Sarah.
Cut a salmon fillet in 1 inch cubes, or bite size.
Marinate salmon in a re-sealable bag with 1/2 soy sauce and 1/2 maple syrup, enough to cover the salmon.
Marinate for 30 minutes and then bake.5 minutes at 500 degrees. Delicious I promise! Make sure you make enough!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First trip to the zoo

This has been quite a week of firsts for Emolyn and I. We had our first ride on the new light rail (see Lindas post), Emolyn had her first hair cut that night after dinner (pictures soon), and today we went to the Wildlife World Zoo together.
I have never been to this zoo but we had a blast.
Admission was more expensive than the phoenix zoo because its not government funded but you can get so much closer to the animals. And they have an aquarium which was great for getting out of the humidity today. Emolyn got to pet sting rays! She totally freaked out.
They have 2 beautiful Macaws at the entrance just hanging out, well they started squawking at each other really loud and Emolyn started crying. I was like "oh great this is going to be an adventure" but she did so well the rest of the time!
We met my friend Cody and her daughter Dakota there and we dodged mud puddles and fire ants as we got super close to a huge Rhino and a sleepy jaguar climbed onto the cage over our heads