Thursday, June 25, 2009

Around the house

Shawn put up these cool frames with our amazing pictures from Kelsie. Only they aren't picture frames the were art displays at Ikea and not made to be taken apart and pictures added in. But shawn figured it out and made it look awesome! The whole wall art, under $10! Please disregard the surrounding mess!
And my latest addition to home is my amazing gift from Miranda. A beautiful perfume bottle from Prague. Isn't it fantastic. I wonder if I can wear it on a chain...
5th anniversary today! I love being married to Shawny. And I cant believe we got to have a baby together. Being parents has been such an awesome transition. I cant think of a bad part of us being together. And now we get to do a road trip, his favorite thing not mine. and go to a wedding, my favorite thing not his. What a fun weekend planned!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dads day and my girl!

I love having a little girl. I know I always wanted a boy but I love having a girly, lipstick loving, shoe trying on girl! She is so fantastic. If you haven't spent some time with her and you want to let me know because its a crime to keep her to myself! I know she is cute but she gets a million times cuter when you hear her "talking" or watch her do her lizard impression or see her kiss every picture of Elmo in a book! I dont think i better baby exists in the world!
And to honor my fantastic husband I must say he is the most amazing dad for my little lamb! He is so delicate with her but still so much fun. We had a great fathers day with a panini bar. Very fun! Thank you shawn for being an awesome dad!

Here is Randy about to enjoy his panini. I wish i would have gotten a shot of the cool gift Emolyn and I made for him. I took a pair of shawns old jeans and made Randy a grilling apron out of them! Emolyn was kind enough to donate her hand prints to each pocket!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Mexico was great! We had a great time with wonderful friends. Emolyn was amazing and the weather was perfect!

We had so much fun and it was a treat to get out of town. Make sure you enlarge this last picture because her face is pretty sandy.
On the homefront while the girls were in Mexico shawn was in Wisconsin. He had a really fun time with his dad and brother. If he ever decides to blog again I will have him put some pics up.
Getting ready today for fathers day. Hopefully a bunch of cute pics will be up shortly.
In other news we have only 1 more out of town trip this summer and its next weekend. Then we are home until late August. I am excited to have a little less traveling chaos but not excited to be in the heat! Yuck! It should be 110 next week!
Oh Kids under 13 are free at the Phx Zoo all summer! I just found out and Emolyn and I are totally going! Who wants to come with?
Well I am off to try and pull some creativity into fathers day. I love gifts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

real quick update. maurice is sick. The dr thinks he has addisons disease. really? Come on! so we are in the midst of in between vacations and trying to get Maurice to eat and drink. Ahh, one more day of work and then vacation can begin!