Saturday, January 31, 2009

ahh food

Well I am sure many of you have heard m talk about Bountiful baskets. We participate in this co-op where we pay $15 and get 2 baskets of food, all produce. Wow, there is so much.Here is a snapshot of this mornings goodies. Here is the list:
5 packages of strawberries
6 tangerines
1 pack asparagus
1 head lettuce
7 apples
10 lbs red potatoes
5 peaches
2 acorn squash
pack of carrots
wow. all for $15. check them out at

Monday, January 26, 2009

Last week

Last week Emolyn and I went out the my grandparents house and they have a hot tub so we took a dip. At first she hated it but then after spending some time outside with my grandma (gg) she was willing to try it again and she loved it! The water was just warm enough, it was very nice.

She has an amazing swimsuit body! When we were at my grandparents my grandma gave me all the ingredients for a lemon meringue pie. Along with her amazing meyer lemons off her tree she gave me all the fixings and encouraged me to try and make it at home even though she has never made one! And guess what. I did it! It worked and it was pretty darn good. My nephew Benjamin loves lemon pie so I brought it to him and we tried it together. He gave it 8/10. I was pretty proud of myself!

Oh and have we got a problem. Emolyn loves shoes. I cant get her away from mine. When we are in my room she goes right for the shoes. Oh dear.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyones gone and it smells like chorizo

Emolyn and I have a girls day today since shawn is on a boys days with Aaron and Jeremy. I was thinking we could really combo those for a baby name. Like Arimy or Jerin. I like them and I would love some feedback.
Anyhow, Emolyn and I have been having an awesome morning and I wanted to share some of our adventures with you. We tried to call Miranda on skype but she is in class, so we missed her. Bummer.
So I told you Emolyn was crawling. Here it is...

She is so fast I barely got these pics! And remember I said she pulls herself up! It is so funny to see such a tiny little thing standing on these skinny little legs! But man is she cute!

What a HAM! We just love her so bad. Here she is spending a little time with mom today and dad last night.

She loves to sleep on him, it must be because he is so big and strong. She loves her daddy and I am so grateful he is there for her when I cant be. My heart goes out to moms who have to use daycare for their little ones. I know we are so lucky. How did we make such a cute baby?
Oh she is ready to have her earrings changed, stay tuned to see how that goes, I might try and do it while she is asleep!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emolyn Kate

Weighing in at 14 lbs 10 oz Emolyn is doing a ton of fun new things and I get the pleasure of spending the weekend with her. Shawn is out of town so its girls weekend at the Thompson house.
Emolyn is easily pulling herself up and loves to bounce on her knees. She loves cords and wires. She can wave and clap and rubs her hands together like they are cold. Her very favorite thing to no is shake her head  "no" to any question. However she does not like it when I saw no. Hence the tears.
She loves the independence of cherios, who doesn't love feeding themselves. She wears 6 months size clothes easily and she loves trash, mostly paper. Here is her playing in the trash under the desk when I was trying to answer emails. She moves so fast!
And she has 2 new top teeth. I used iphoto in an attempt to turn her upside down to let you see them but she was so entranced by her own picture she would hardly open her mouth!
We love our little girls so terribly I cant imagine how big my heart would get with another. And how hard to split your time between children. But we are still planning for more, not this minute but eventually. I am trying to memorizer every minute with her in my head because she is changing so fast and I love the new things but I am sad the old things are gone too.
I cant believe she is almost a year old! I told her for her birthday I want her to say "mama". We will see.
I miss her so much when I am away and its hard to get enough of her when I am at home. So if you come over and the place is a dump its because I love my baby.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day

How did I skip this? Anyway we had Christmas Day at my moms house. We start the day with homemade cinnamon rolls and shrimp cocktail, winston is allergic to shrimp, just so you know. Emolyn loves family! Here she is with GG who gave Emolyn one of her favorite toys, a brown striped monkey. Also GGs friend from Hawaii sent Emolyn a special gift and a new Hawaii quarter!
Stockings are sort of a huge deal in my family, santa comes to my moms house and thats where we get them. We always do stockings first and my mom, i mean santa goes a little overboard and usually our stockings are overflowing. It is filled with thoughtful unique gifts for each of us catered to our likes. But we have to wait until everyone is ready to open them and Jason notoriously takes a ridiculous amount of time.
Emolyn loved spending time with her Aunt! They have so much fun together EKT cries when I come to take hr away!

Uncle Jason of course is fun too as are her cousins. We love spending time with family and it was so great to have the Thompson clan join us for dinner.
Guess what I just talked, sort of, to Miranda in England! Check out her blog to keep up on her comings and goings!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day after and my christmas home

For the last 6 or 7 years my mom has been giving jason, Michelle, shawn and I a shopping day as our Christmas gift. We spend the whole day together and literally shop till we drop. We get all the good after christmas sales and we get exactly what we want. We also eat several times and usually see a movie. Emolyn spent the second 1/2 of the day with us because I have been missing her pretty bad lately. It was a great day and we love spending time with mom and each other. This year we made quite a haul!
The day after Christmas we went to visit Shawns grandma, the elder of the two Emolyns. We always have such a wonderful time at her home, she is such a great hostess and always has sweets! Emolyn loves getting to sit in her lap and hear her sing to her "little lady".
Here is my fist waffle in the new waffle iron. Turned out great!
I didn't get a chance to photo all my decorations but I have been creating a tree collection the last few years and I got 2 more trees after Christmas this year. Maurice ate my feather tree last year which is a bummer because it was pretty cool.
I didn't get to decorate very much this year, that was left up to Shawn since he had more time at home. But I did get a new idea from Stacie about how to display my christmas cards in a fun way, so I got out my christmas ribbon and started pinning the cards to it. Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with the cards and next year will need 2 ribbons. She also saves the cards and puts them on a ring by the year and puts them out to display during the holidays and everyone loves coming over to see their old cards.I hope you all had a happy holiday season. I know we did. I really tried to relax this season and not stress out. It didn't always work but I felt more laid back then usually. Shawn and I both really enjoyed this year, probably our best Christmas together yet, Emolyn probably had something to do with it. We love being a family and getting to spend time with each of our families too. We got to have Christmas dinner together as one big family and it was so much fun to have everyone there, and of course great food. Linda made an awesome rum cake which was the hit of the party! And now as we transition happy spring cleaning to you all as you try to find a place for all those new gifts!

Christmas Eve 2

The evening of Christmas Eve shawn and I have made our "family time" with just us since the rest of the time seems so busy. This is the time we exchange our gifts and we did the last night of advent. Emolyn only got one gift from us but she loved it! Maurice also opened his stocking which we were glad to get done with because most of it smelled like beef.

Christmas Eve

This year we got to have 2 Christmas days by celebrating Christmas with the Thompsons on Christmas Eve. We had a great time and of course Emolyn got spoiled with a ton of awesome gifts. But mostly she liked that her Grammie wrapped gifts in special foil paper just for Emolyn so that it wouldn't disintegrate as she drooled all over it. She got fun toys and cute clothes as some spending money! (which she is wisely saving up for her next carseat)

It wasn't just Emolyn who got spoiled by presents Shawn and I got awesome thoughtful gifts too! Shawn got this cool stainless steel frying pan he has been wanting and I got a waffle iron! A fun round one. Check out a future post to see my first batch! Shawn and I also got TWLOHA tee shirts, check out the site, this company is so cool. I also got more cool clothes and jewelry. Linda gave me this awesome scrabble pendant from and I dont think any of them could suit me better! Although they do have a ton more that I want, check them out!
I wish we would have taken a family photo because everyone just looked so cute. Miranda and Linda were matchy matchy!
Tyler had to ;leave a little early for work but we had a beautiful Christmas dinner together with hame and Mamaws special raisin sauce!
Emolyn gave the best gift by taking a nap on Randy's chest. But you couldn't keep her down for long she was up quickly and ready to watch her daddy play guitar at Christmas eve service at church. She stayed for both services and did awesome.