Thursday, April 30, 2009


So since I havent posted in forever here are some short clips of what has been going on, call it bullets with photos.
-shawn was mowing the front "yard" (if you have seen it you know what I mean) and in an attempt to get the lawn mower out of the shed he discover a wasp nest. He got the nest down with a hose but they were mad and they got him right in the ear. He was such a trooper. First sting ever, and he still finished the yard. Good man.

Yesterday I asked Emolyn "where is mommies nose?" and she pointed to it. then i asked "where is emolyns nose?" and she pointed to that. genius. She has been rocking some pretty cute summer outfits lately, as it has been 100 degrees!
The family that brushes together, stays together.
She is making if you can believe it, even more funny faces. I know impossible you say. She is so funny. She also has been standing by herself and continues to walk with a one hand assistance. Depending on her shoes she might walk like Frankenstein.
She has also super been into peanut butter. what a mess but she can hold a spoonful of it herself and lick it clean. I am trying to find high fat foods for her to try and bulk up. ANy suggestions?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Leggo my Eggo

I introduced Emolyn to Eggos this week. She loves them!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Egg time

We dyed 4 eggs for Easter with Emolyn. It was a little challenging because she really wanted to put her hands in the dye and she doesn't get the paintbrush concept so she mostly just watched.
But when the eggs dried she got to get ahold of them!
Then she birthed an egg.
It was awesome.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter, sort of...

So on Easter morning Emolyn woke up at 3 AM with a fever and what turned out to be a double ear infection. So we stayed home from church and hung out. We got to talk to Miranda and Randy and Linda in England, which was so fun, and I got some cute pics of her even though she was sick.

But since she was sick she was not in a very good mood which is unusual for her so I got some video, not great quality because it was on our still camera but I wanted everyone who thinks she is just the perfect baby to catch a glimpse of bad mood Emolyn.
We celebrated the Easter stuff throughout the week. So I will have photos of those events to come.
Update: emolyn is walking with only 1 hand to hold and she is holding her own bottle. She loves to show off all 8 of her teeth when she smiles and she loves giving kisses. She points and grunts to what she wants and if you dont get it for her, oh no. I am trying to let her work things out so as to avoid raising a spoiled brat! But she knows she is loved and loves when I get home from work. She also likes to lift up things and look under them. which when you are holder her is your shirt! She is great, lets call her...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Stuff

Deal of the century! I have been looking for a high chair for Emolyn and I wanted something nice and wood so it could go in the dining area and look nice. I really like the Eddie Bauer ones but they were so expensive. So i started looking at second hand kids places. Well they were all plastic and crappy. But, as I was leaving Kid to Kid in peoria with my friend Christy this lady was unloading one from the back of her van. I asked "are you selling that" She was like "yes but I hope they give me as much as I want for it. Its a really nice high chair and it was over $100 new" I know all these thing so I gently ask "How much do you want for it" to which she replies "$30" so I snatched it out of the parking lot for $30. she never made it in the store! Steal of a deal for the both of us!
Sorry she is sideways. But she loves it!

So does Maurice. She drops him food and he eats what she drops on her lap while she is still eating. I think we could stop feeding him and he would get enough with what she drops. But finally we found a good use for Maurice!
This is my second fabulous deal! A beautiful new table and 8 chairs! our church was having a rummage sale and Linda got a sneak peak at this gorgeous table and called us. There is a leaf for the middle that makes the table square! I love it! and only $50! its sure good having someone looking out for us! Thanks Linda!
And lastly and not shown. I got 2 new swim suits. and it wasn't that horrible to shop for them. Both are 1 piece and super cute. I got them at Marshalls. 1 was $131 perry ellis super cute for only $25 the other black and white polka dot for only $16!

whats outside your front door?

I wake up saturday for work at like 5 am and it is raining so hard. I didn't realize until I walked out the door that it wasn't rain but hail! In april. it was like 90 degrees last week and now I have hail! I knew Shawn wouldn't believe me if it was melted when he got up so I took a quick pic!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby at home

Here is my pretty girl just hanging around the house.

I did get some awesome deals this week. I will have to take some pics and show you! Emolyn is playing peek-a-boo like crazy, she hits herself in the head most of the time. She has also started blowing kisses and loves to kiss everyone in her books. She walks as long as you hold one of her hands but she still isn't comfortable walking alone. She is crawling so fast she often disappears. She is getting excited for summer! She has like 4 swim suits!