Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thats right, politics

 So I am not very into politics. I am waiting until the contest is down to 2 candidates before I really make an effort to do some digging and find out who I like. But I will say, if there was ever a candidate who never said something nasty about his/her opponent, they would have my vote. It almost wouldn't even matter what they stood for. If they had enough integrity to run their campaign without trying to make another person look bad I could stand behind that. Show the country what you will do and what you stand for. Why would you want to win by pushing someone else down? It doesn't make any sense. And I am sick of those student "clean elections" commercials where people just say hello in different ways. Who thought that was a good idea? And does that mean my tax dollars for the Clean Election Act went to pay for that commercial, I sure hope not, although it does look pretty low budget. And why doesn't the Clean Elections Act spill over to more than just campaign funding? I would like the entire campaign to be clean. There is my ignorant stand on politics. May the best man/woman win. Note: I have not decided on a candidate yet so don't judge me.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Do you wanna see the cutest baby in the world?

Here she is!
Check out the slideshow of pictures of Emolyn at 2 months old, taken by none other than Pinkerton Photography!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


2 points for today-
1. It is due to rain today and the last measurable rainfall in Phx was the day Emolyn was born! How much fun on her 3 month birthday!
2. I saw the funniest infomercial yesterday and had to look the "product" up online. It made me think of John Lynch. I haven't laughed out loud at the tv for some time, until now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ellis Family Photos

Check out the slideshow of the amazing Ellis family photos done by none other than Pinkerton Photography!
What a handsome family. I am so lucky to have such awesome nephews and such a smart and fun niece! They are getting so big. 
One hard thing about staying home with Emolyn is that I missed Benjamin (10) as Charlie in his schools presentation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I have missed his entire season of little league! We have play dates where we eat pie (his favorite) and play card or board games.  I miss my dates with Winston (8) where we usually go shopping, wee used to go watch people at the indoor skate park until it shut down. He has a great sense of style and is so thoughtful when choosing gifts for others. Every Christmas I get to take each kid shopping for their family members and then we come home and wrap the gifts. Its so much fun every year to see each of their personalities come out when choosing gifts. And I miss hanging out with Nora(6). She too likes to shop and is always asking "do you think uncle Shawn would like this?" She is very concerned with how Shawn thinks she looks. She is also really good about being honest about things she does not care for. So you never end up getting something she wont wear. I love that she does a dance or a pose every time she tries something on! Look what I have to look forward to.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Since Shawn won't post these to his blog I will post them to mine. This is what they do together in the wee hours of the morning.

The developmental nurse came today and my little girl is getting big. 6 pound 6 oz and 19 inches! The program through the state is pretty cool. Any child that spent more than 48 hours in the NICU will be followed by a developmental nurse every 3 months up to age 3. She comes to or house and checks on the progress of Emolyn's development. She is also a lactation consultant and so nice. She always gives us educational information and what are the best things we can do to keep Emolyn growing big and strong. But she said she looks awesome! Go Emolyn!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Trip planning

Here is my precious sleeping, well she was sleeping, in her play pin. We planned meals for our girls trip to mexico yesterday. The annual (this is the 4th year) trip is taken my Lori and Sarah Winzeler, myself and my mom. This year Emolyn will be joining us. Our time is spent reading, sleeping, eating and walking on the beach. The others try to work out every day, I rarely participate in this activity. But we are always playing games, having fantastic discussions and relaxing. Hopefully Emolyn will fit in. She is pretty laid back.
Great News! Noah LaPlante was born today 8 pounds 9 oz!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Story of Maurice

I have only briefly mentioned the blessing and simultaneous curse that is Maurice Vincent Thompson. Our loving, sleepy, smelly, affectionate puppy. Maurice came to us 2 years ago when he was 9 months old from our good friends the Try's niece. We knew we needed to practice parenting on a pet first since we could leave him at home and shut him outside when we had company but he still depended on us for life sustaining food, water and pets. So we searched online for what type of dog would be a fit in our family. And we found it. 
A hound dog. Lazy, requires very little exercise, loyal, adorable. Perfect. Then we found out there was a hound dog out there who needed a home and we went to visit him. 
Poor Maurice was living in a very loving home with a ton of other dogs, who were, shall we say, not his cup of tea. He was standing there and dogs were jumping over him and running around him and he just looked up at us like "I don't belong here. Take me to a place I can rest". He was an old soul from the beginning.
So we brought him home and he has to drink outside or he drips water all over the floor, he can't come in until we wipe his mouth (I love white tile, I would recommend it to anyone who loves to mop). He rolls in the dirt promptly after a bath and he loves my baby.He lays in her room when she is noisy, he sniffs her head when he comes in to make sure she is ok and lays in front of anyone new holding her to make sure they do it right. Even though he smells, we love him. He gets wet food once a year on his birthday (we always have a party) and I put his ears in a hair tie so hey don't get gross. He snacks on baby carrots and is known for his eating escapades- a large pizza (minus the crust-he hates the crust), a pound of peanut m & ms and a box of brownie mix that took him on a sugar high for over an hour!
Thats our Maurice. He never laughs at any of our jokes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Snapple, etc.

Shopping. I miss it. Not even the buying, just the looking. Well, maybe the buying. Even grocery shopping. All the selection, and getting special treats. When Shawn and I first got married (nearly 4 years ago!) we didn't have a ton of money since I was still in nursing school, so when we went grocery shopping I would always let him get 1 special thing. Its fun to splurge a little! I thought it might be fun to show you a picture of Shawn and I in LaJolla on our first Valentines Day as a married couple. It was so fun! We went to this great restaurant and spent the day at the beach and Shawn got a Snapple (he likes to get Snapple when out of town because they often have different flavors than you can get in phx). Well he got Apple Pie flavor. It was so gross, it had chunks of pie crust in it. Disgusting. Turns out it was limited edition and if he wouldn't have drank it it would have been worth like $100. So we drank the gross Apple Pie Snapple. But don't you worry we still have the bottle!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

My first mothers Day! The day started out 
busy with taking Emolyn to be dedicated, her first time at church, really her first time somewhere that wasn't the doctor. But all went well, she didn't scream and cry, she just slept. And I was given some awesome mothers day gifts. Finally another day I get presents!
I got an awesome gift from my dreamy husband, a Pottery Barn vase filled with reasons why he loves me, and chocolates. What more could a girl ask for? Sorry the Godiva chocolate truffles aren't pictured, they didn't make it very long. 
I also got flowers, a bouquet and planted pink roses from Gigi. Note the awesome red bag in the back, my posh purse/diaper bag. Awesome scrapping stuff and cute organizing boxes! One of the most precious gifts however wasn't for me, it as for Emolyn. Mamaw (the first Emolyn) gave our little Emolyn the little pink bible she gave to her daughter Patty in 1962. Patty passed away in 1974. It is so touching, she has many hand written verses and notes. We are privileged to have it, and Emolyn won't get to touch it until she is 18! Its so fragile!
So although stressful it was a good first mothers day. I got to take a nap, and that makes any day a little better! I also got to talk to my awesome 
fancy pants New York City living cousin. What a show-off. I wish I could see him more.

Friday, May 9, 2008

6 AM

Not many people can look this good at 6 am. But its easy for Emolyn since she slept 8 HOURS!
And after breakfast those of us that don't have to work went back to bed!
And if you want to check out all 307 of the photos from Emolyn's shower care of Teegan Photography click here (there might be a picture of you!).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My new favorite thing

Don't make fun of me, I am in love with the Magic Bullet. I use it everyday, usually more than once. Shut up.

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Lovely day today so we went for a family walk, Maurice, Emolyn, and I. Here is Emolyn and I. She had her sun hat on to protect her cute little face. She seemed to like the walk in the front pack. No complaints. and here she is being cute when we got home!

Oh and for those of you who are unkind to Maurice about his weight issues he went to the vet for his annual check up and in the last year he has lost 2 pounds. He is down to 78. So please remember he is sensitive about his weight, and obviously he is working on keeping his girth down.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am surrounded by Sleeping Beauties...

Since Miranda is in Disneyland I thought I would do a Disney inspired post, perhaps I will try to make it a theme!
Emolyn went to be weighed today (which is why she is so sleepy) 5 lbs 13 oz. Almost an ounce a day weight gain. She is so good at gaining weight! She doesn't get that from her dad thats for sure! Speaking of her dad he is off today and tomorrow, since he worked last weekend. And I just love spending time with my husband. We really love just being together, even if its watching tv. He is such a great guy. He asked me today "Do you like me being home so I can hold her and you can get stuff done?" He is so thoughtful, he knows I love to get stuff done :) Its my weakness, accomplishing tasks!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy 86th B-day Popo

My grandpa turned 86 today! My grandparents came over for a birthday party since Emolyn can't leave the house and all grandpa wanted for his birthday was to be with her. Even though gifts weren't allowed Emolyn couldn't help it and she made Popo a picture book that started with stamps of her handprints and ended with stamps of her footprints (man I should have gotten a pic of it, sorry). He loved it. Here are a few pics from the 4 generation party.
Popo was singing to Emolyn and she would turn her head to listen to his deep melodious voice.

Also a note: My grandma thinks the picture of Emolyn below looks like Don Rickles, you be the judge.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Swimsuit season

Well Emolyn and I are ready for summer. Emolyn has 2 suits. Of course she doesn't fit into either one yet but soon! They are both 0-3 months.

My mom took Michelle and I swim suit shopping last week and although I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to try on swimsuits 2 months after you had a baby it wasn't that bad. And I found a super cute suit. My first one piece since swim team. Finally they are coming out with cute one piece suits that aren't speedos. I don't look good in a swim cap so I was really going to need to find an alternative. So since I will not be trying on my suit for you here is its link. I don't look as good in it as the model but since I didn't want me in a suit all over the web I thought this was a good choice. Have a great day!