Thursday, April 12, 2012

My sweet #2

Yesterday I got the special treat of spending the afternoon and evening with Elsie (now 18 months old)while Emolyn was at Mimis ( Thank you Mimi! I rarely get to spend tim with just Elsie and we had a blast! She is very different than Emolyn and in such fun ways. She plays very independently but is also very cuddly. She loves to sleep and she loves to eat. She has a super loud voice, maybe to be heard over her sisters constant chatter. She is very expressiver, which Emolyn was too, but Elsie seems to know when she is getting a reaction from the crowd and really knows how to work it. She loves t sing and dance. Her favorite show is "Yo Gaba Gaba" which she calls, or yells "Yeah yeah Yo", pretty much anytime the tv is turned on. She likes to use sign language but almost always will say the word while she signs it. Mostly she asks for "cookie" and "candy", awesome. She starts screaming "mama" or just screaming when I get home because she is so excited. She definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve. The way she says "Oh no!" is so adorable! When you ask her what her name is she says "Daddy" and when you remind her her name is Elsie she say "EL-sie". Every time she sees my mom she says "Papa?" Looking for Papa John.
She likes to read books and carry purses and put on shoes. She sleeps with an Elmo doll and tells you to turn off her humidifier when you get her out of bed in the morning. She has never tried to climb out of her crib but she does love to take off her clothes when she is in there. And if she says "Nigh nigh" to you and you don't say it back she will yell it at you until you do. She has excellent manners always asking please and saying thank you and will often say sorry to Emolyn when Emolyn was the offender. Thanks for letting me ramble about my baby girl but I feel like I have already missed capturing her spirit at this age. I know I got a lot written down about Emolyn but Elsie's babyhood seems to have flown by. And with the impending arrival of these boys (hopefully sonner than later) I'm so worried my little lamb will get forgotten or passed by. Stuck in between a big sister with a big personality and twin brothers. I am getting pretty confident that she can hold her own and I was reminded by my sweet friend Sarah that Elsie Lane does have a unique role in our family as the baby girl. I love you Elsie Lane, and she would respond in only syllables "ah ah ah".

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I have a minute!

Thats right between packing to move (we are near the end of the process of short -or long- selling our house) being 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins (I don't want to talk about it), having my 4 year old and 18 month old and still working, I found 1 minute. My husband has taken the girls for a walk. Emolyn said "I wish I could go on a walk with you, maybe when you're done being pregnant". Preach it sister.
34 weeks and counting
So life update. Or maybe I can just tell you what I have done in the last hour! Its Easter! Yeah Happy Easter to everyone. I made it to church this morning (Easter miracle) and had all the girls in Easter dresses with hair done. I didn't pass out at church (Easter miracle). My blood pressure has been running super low because aparently all my blood is pooling in my pelvis to keep these children alive and not circulating to, you know my brain. So I have to be sitting down pretty much all the time (advice straight from the Dr's office, very helpful "If you feel like you are going to pass out you should sit down". Oh really I thought it would be better to start taking the stairs or standing on some uneven ground). Anyway at this point even sitting doesnt always help and I have to lay down. Awesome and convenient. So between trying to get boxes packed- one done today and celebrating Easter today was exhausting but fun. My girls are amazing and Shawn has been performing as 2 parents.

Emolyn picked their Easter gift last month. We go onto the World Vision website and pick a gft to give. She picked bunnies! A family is given 3 bunnies and in a year the should have 50! These super prolific gifts bring food and money to a family in need.

My isn't he handsome. Now you know why we have 4 kids :)
For some reason I get this overwhelming NEED to "get things done" which is nearly fruitless at thi point but I have been collecting things during my packing for my mother-in-laws yard sale. And can I just say Why di I have all this stuff I dont need! It grosses me out. Clothes that dont fit and havent in a long time or that I wouldnt wear again even if they did. Shoes that hurt my feet, notebooks full of college lectures I heard 8 years ago, and hand grippers. Who needs hand grippers? I had 2! Anyway I am so ready to purge this stuff instad of pack it. Of course then I get into packing it to move where? I dont know yet :) Just one of many of life's current unknowns. When will these twin boys come? when will we move?where will we move? will I have to go back to work full time and leave my poor husband with 4 kids at home? How long can I really make my maternity leave last financially? Ahh what an exciting life I lead :) That being said here are some photos from today and hopefully I will find more minutes to sneak away .