Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fun treat!

My neighbor across he street and down one gave us this super cute horse for Emolyn!
As you can tell she loves it! This lady is so nice and I can never remember her name but I did watch her son once when I let her borrow my car. Funny story.
Oh and Emolyn was strutting in a winter wonderland today. She looked so cute!
We went to say hi to Mimi for her birthday! Emoyln cant say "Happy Birthday" yet. But she can say "happy" and "birthday" just not back to back! We had a special girls only weekend with Shawn being out of town in Disneyland. It was super fun while also exhausting. She makes me tired, but I love her! We jam packed the weekend and were going going going the whole time. And Emolyn seems to have a cold (runny nose, no fever, but it sure makes her grumpy!). Oh well Shawn will have to deal with it tonight. He is finally home!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we went shopping at our local Whitfill Nursery for Morton Thompson (our christmas tree's name). We named him the first year and decided that would always be his name. So now its Morton the 5th. It was extra cold here like 45 degrees so we bundled up and headed to dinner. Our family tradition is dinner first. This is Shawn's year to pick the place so we ate at The Yard House and got there in time for happy hour! We shared 2 appetizers and they were huge! Sliders and Chicken nachos. And Emolyn had some soup. Her new thing is soup she loves to say "soup" and to eat soup.
This was what tree shopping looked like for us.
Emoyln sat next to the HUGE inflatable snow man. Just to give you a little perspective...Here is the tree at home! We usually only get a 5 foot tree due to our enormous cast iron tree stand!