Saturday, June 28, 2008

craft project

My latest little craft project has been to decorate 6 ply cloth diapers for cutsie burp rags. Now you have to get the 6 ply because the 3 ply are a joke. So I sewed on a decorative trim and some fun appliques. Of course I couldn't have done any of it without my trusty thread catcher! 
I really like to give (and receive for that matter) hand made gifts. Shawn knows I am a little anal about gift giving. I love giving gifts and I tell Shawn gifts are all about the time, energy and effort that you put into it. So when he bought me a shirt I would never wear from a skate shop he was going to anyway, we were off to a rough start. But since then Shawn has greatly improved in his gift giving skills, with a little help from his friends (thanks Joel). He bought be diamond earrings last year for Christmas! (shawn, not Joel). 
So I think I have finally started to catch up on all the mandatory house stuff and now I get to do fun crafty things. Hopefully scrappin soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby pics with Uncle Jason

Oh BTW Emolyn is 8 lbs 4 oz! What a big girl! She gained 13 oz in 19 days and according to the dr (and winston) her head is exceptionally large. I said its because she is so smart and the dr said "obviously".

Swing low sweet chariots

I know I am behind and I do want to tell you all about how my wonderful husband is such a great dad and our little girl loves him so much. When we got home from Mexico she couldn't stop staring at him! But I had a quick minute to say thank you Christie Spencer for the awesome baby swing! I put Emolyn in it today and she loves it! Check her out. She went right to sleep, but did not let go of her purple sweater kitty (I call her "Switty", get it, sweater kitty, I thought "Pitty" for purple kitty was a poor choice).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Water Girl

So here are Emolyns water photos. First time her little feet felt sand, she dug her toes right in and the first time her little tootsies were dunked in the Sea of Cortez! She was super cute!

Don't worry

Shawn just has a good old fashion case of blepharitis. He missed 2 days of work and emailed this picture to his boss as proof. I love modern technology.

Reader Update

Sorry about the little pics thats all I have for now. Two things:
1. check out Shawn's blog, he finally posted again. 
2. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (given to me by sweet Miranda) while on vacation. All in all I am pleased with the ending, though not blown away. No tears were shed, no out loud laughter. But good, glad I finished the series. I also finished In Defense of Food a great book about our "western diet" and how our culture has changed what and how we eat. Really makes you want to get back to the basics, have a garden, stop using canned and processed foods, shop at a farmers market. I really enjoyed it.
This song was running through my head through the entire book, very funny.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Mexico Girl

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the beach! The first day Emolyn didn't sleep at all, how could you with so much to see! So she got a little cranky. But mostly she spent the vacation days eating! Nearly constantly. The weather was about 20 degrees cooler and with a beautiful ocean breeze. We stayed at a different house than we had planned but it was awesome, perfect size. And of course we ate very well, not hard with so many great cooks in one house. Almost everything was super healthy and fresh, it was delicious. And of course border tacos and fresh tortillas did not disappoint. I was worried about getting Emolyn back into the US because apparently it takes FOREVER to get a birth certificate mailed to you (I have been trying for months, it came while we were in Mexico). So I had an unofficial copy but I was nervous. So come border time the border officer says "Is the little one yours?" I say "yes" and its over. Stay tuned for pics of Emolyn's first feeling of sand and toes in the water

Friday, June 13, 2008

Gettin' Ready

Emolyn and I leave for Girls Mexico trip on Tuesday and we have started packing. I am sure I am so over packing for her but I am a little nervous I will forget something. But I bought Emolyn some sunglasses by Frubi that have velcro on the back so the will stay on. Well of course they are too big so I sewed some velcro on for a tighter fit and she loves them, sort of. So more cooking and planning and packing over the weekend, three of my favorite things, seriously. Shawn makes fun of me because I start packing like a week before a trip. But it helps me get excited and feel prepared. Tonight The Call (ODFs college group) is having a Halloween in June pool party. I think I will dress Emolyn up as a baby. I am making spooky punch. I love spooky punch. I freeze water in medical gloves so there are severed hands floating in the punch! Obviously I take the glove off before placing said severed hand in the punch. Oh and I finished a couple fun craft projects I will have to blog about soon. Only I work on sat. and monday and Sunday is Shawn's first Fathers Day! So just a warning, there will be a delay in blogs. Try to make it without my witty banter. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My secret addiction

Emolyn is getting so strong! This is some of her Tummy Time.

My friend Jeannette loaned me The Gilmore Girls series and I am not through the first season and I have some issues but i cant stop watching. Like that the daughter is a horrible actress and all the dialogue sounds so written. No one makes that many pop culture references in 40 minutes. And in pretty much every episode somehow has to tell the mom how "hot" she is. But like a bloody mangled reck, i cant turn away.
Some other embarrassing shows i enjoy: Americas next top model, gladiators, biggest loser, ER, Martha, and merv griffins crosswords.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just a note

I love Green Bags. They totally I work. I got some from my grandma. I hate throwing produce away but between the 2 of us (Emolyn refuses to eat her fruits and veggies) we can't finish stuff in time.

Full Weekend

Where to begin.
Well I made a delicious dinner with some of the zucchini (chicken parm) which shawn really liked. Nora came over friday and we made orange ginger carrot cake cupcakes and frosting from scratch (Made from my Americas Test Kitchen cook book). i wish i had taken pictures because if you think baking is messy try baking with a 6 year old and a crying baby. Then saturday was spent on Emolyns first road trip to Flagstaff (northern AZ) for our  friend Caleb and Kalis wedding where she was paraded around like a show dog and loved it. I guess "You are so pretty" never gets old to her. I should have taken pictures there too because it was so beautiful and I looked really cute! Then I had my first day back to work on Sunday. I will be working 6 shifts a month in the resource pool at Banner Thunderbird Medical center where I have worked for 5 years. I will be working as a nurse where ever they need me in the hospital. I will still be doing some wound care and working back in the ICU most likely. I did miss Emolyn but I knew she was having fun with her dad as described here in his blog. Unfortunately he blogged before he called me at work "where is the stuff you put on Emolyns clothes when she gets poop on them? Because this is serious! There is poop on my jeans!" Ahh, this is why I don't where my favorite pair of jeans while watching Emolyn. I guess he had to look good in case anyone stopped by. Oh and I almost forgot. We went to the doctor for Emolyn friday and she is 7 pounds 7 ounces. What a chub! He said she loooked grer and gave us the ok for our trip to Mexico in a week! Emolyn is very excited. I bought her some all natural everything free sunscreen at Sprouts to protect her sensitive skin! Since I was gone all day yesterday Emolyn wont let me put her down today. She has fallen asleep in my arms 5 times so far and wakes up the second I lay her down. so since i have typed this all with one hand I think i am done. but i wont stay away so long next time!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thank you all for your heart felt words and concern. I must admit however that these feelings of anxiety do not seem to come from any sense of inadequacy but instead because I am having some issues with someone close to me. Thats all I can share at this time however, some things were said that were very hurtful and I am trying to recover from them. I fell like I am pretty confident in my abilities as a mom (so far!) but it seems like other people don't agree with the mom decisions I am making. But hopefully these things will get worked out soon. No need for medication at this time. Not that I don't believe in it, just that my issues have an obvious cause, and its not ppd.
Emolyn has a Dr appointment tomorrow so I will keep you up to date on her latest weight. And I go back to work on Sunday. My first day back! I am excited and a little nervous all in one. Luckily they are giving me a little time for re-orientation as it were. I will be working in several different areas of the hospital which will be fun. Never a dull moment! 
My mom is out of town and one of the duties in watching her house and cat was to go in her new garden and pick the zucchini because she thought they would be ripe. She said pick them when they are 6-8 inches long. Well Shawn went over the first couple times and I forgot to tell him about the zucchini. So Emolyn and I stopped by yesterday to find this. It doesn't get more organic than these. This is a regular size kitchen towel. Wow. I also got some fresh basil and chilies!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blah- emotional vomit

I feel pretty anxious right now. I feel like everything I do is being watched and has repercussions. I feel super defensive. And I don't quite know how to fix it. I think its because I am scared. I hate this feeling. Trying to let Emolyn bring the smile back to my face and turn this frown upside down. But how does life just go on? Do other people just get over things? Like "poof" nothing ever happened? I guess I need to get better at that and spend less time sulking over things that have been done. I can't change the past. I guess thats a hard life lesson that I seem to have to keep learning. Speaking of, my dad called me on mothers day. Left a message. I haven't called him back. Don't know what to say. I think I am wise enough though to not call him when I am emotional. 
So I am seeing now how blogging can be like a journal/diary and not just a "look at pictures of my baby" site. But now do I post an emotionally vulnerable blog? I am a little embarrassed. Should I include a picture of Emolyn so everyone is left with warm fuzzys even if I am not? Well, its up to you I guess.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Isn't this cool?

I got his from my grandma last week. She has two and she asked if I wanted one. Duh! They are awesome. So, as I am unable, as it seems, to decorate my home with non-functional items I will have to find a use for this gem. However I am slowly learning that decoration is a function. Now where to put it! Oh she also had these awesome old mason jars with glass lids! Offered them to me but alas I have no place for them. So I need to make a space. But I put them up above her kitchen cabinets (In pairs of 3, I should have gotten a picture) for her and she liked the way I set them up so much I think she might keep them! Boo.
News flash: Remember the Snapple bottle? Well Shawn keeps all his bottles and cans on a shelf above the computer. He came home the other day and one of his soda cans had started leaking (why he kept cans with soda in them I do not know). 
Well it leaked all over his desk and on the computer! Shawn had to take it apart and clean it all. Yuck! But for the most part everything survived. Maybe this will encourage him to keep his desk neater, but I doubt it. I try and let the office be "his space" and not nag him about it being so messy. Here is the soda culprit. They sold several items from The Simpsons at 7-11 right before the movie came out so Shawn had to get some Buzz Cola! He is a sucker for anything "limited Edition". An advertisers dream. I think he should have the job Tom Hanks did in Big. Only not for toys but just regular things. Like "If you saw this in the store would you buy it?". He would be great at that. I think thats why he designs things so well. He knows what people like to see. 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catch up pics

Sorry for the absence of posts. I have been a little down lately. Im sure it will pass. In the mean time Emolyn and I have been taking adventures outside the house. Check out Grammies blog for some pictures from our trip to great grandma Emolyn's house. We travel just for short periods of time but it has been very exciting, and exhausting. Here are a few pics from the last few days. Oh by the way, Emolyn has become Italian! 
A spicy meata ball!