Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just another day at the mall

Mix and match

I found the first documented time Emolyn and Madison met. Sorry I put the first time they actually saw each other before, but this really, was when they met.
And I am finding some pictures on the camera of what happens while I am away at work and apparently Shawn gets very hungry!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a whole bushel

Make sure to scroll down, lotsa new posts.

Meeting my new best friend

This tuesday early in the morning Emolyn's new friend Madison Marie was born at 4lbs 3 oz. Madison is the first baby Emolyn is bigger than, but still almost twice Emolyn's birth weight! Emolyn better watch out because she is good eater so its only a matter of time!
I got the privilege of spending late monday nite at the hospital with my wonderful friend Jeannette and our friends and her family. It was nice to be the one outside the delivery room but man was it rough. Just walking in that evening, the same way I walked in 6 months ago and the same way I walked in twice a day for a month until my girl came home. It smells the same. But this was Jeannette's day, and it was a little bumpy but everyone came out ok. What a proud dad Matt was as he showed off his little girl. It was so beautiful to watch their little family grow!
We went to go visit the next day after everyone had had some rest and Emolyn got to meet Madison, I think she was impressed by all the hair she has hidden under that cap! The visit didn't last long but it made Emolyn sleepy.
She woke up on the walk to the car and could not stop staring at her daddy. 
We are so excited to start our families together. I got to tell Madison about all the fun play dates we will have! My heart ached for Jeannette on monday as I knew the fear that consumed this happy day despite the joys that God would give them. And I was so grateful to see a healthy little girl and a little jealous that Jeannette got to keep the baby in the room with her! What a luxury! I remember hearing the neighbors baby crying and being so sad that my girl wasn't there with me. 
A lady at the hospital yesterday asked how many weeks old Emolyn was, ahh I wonder when that wont bother me anymore. I know no one means to say anything hurtful. I just say "well she is 6 months just extra tiny!" 
Heres to much smoother deliveries in the future!

Camp time

We went to camp this weekend for a leadership retreat. It was Emolyns first time in the cold. I brought like 10 hats because she has never worn winter hats. Only 2 hats fit! Her head was too big. W had her double sleepered to keep warm in the cabin and she spent some of the night in bed with us. She did so great for being in a new and very different place. She even helped a little in the kitchen! I was worried about walking the rough terrain in my boot so I had a lot of help with other people carrying Emolyn while we were outside so I didn't come crashing down with the both of us! We did have a spectacular rain storm right before we left and the thunder and lightning didn't bother her at all. Who knew our child would be so comfortable in the outdoors!?! She did do a lot of her "talking" while everyone else was being very quiet, it was very entertaining. She knows when to put on the charm! We also got to spend some time with some of our friends. Emolyns friends Clark and Suzy. This was the first time Clark held Emolyn because he was too afraid he would hurt her because of their size difference. But we knew Clarks gentle heart would keep Emolyn safe.
Here are some more warm pics!

1/2 year birthday!

Hi my name is Emolyn and I am 6 months old. I weigh 10lbs 4 oz and I am 22 1/8 inches long. I got shots in both legs, but I hardly even cried. Here I am trying a blueberry for the first time on my birthday.
At 6 months old my favorite things are: 
my hands in my mouth and in my line of vision
my Winnie the Pooh teething blanket, the crunchy end
My mom and Dad
bumbo (and taking a big poop in bumbo)
nursing all day
sleeping on my tummy
boys holding me
popos singing
fruit leather
getting out of the carseat
having my diaper changed
going outside when its not too hot

Sleepy Wrap

Check out my new favoritist thing. Better than a sling. Super comfortable. The Sleepy wrap. Here are Emolyn and I demonstrating its cuteness. We wore it up at camp last weekend and it worked great! She fell asleep in it a couple of times. Check them out here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

hey you get off of my cloud

Guess what I am doing right now? Feeding Emolyn. Guess what I do all day. Feed Emolyn. I guess its my trade off for her sleeping all night.
Shawns last day at work is friday, we cant wait to have him home. And i cant wait to get some stuff done around here!
I know a lot of people who are in need of some encouragement. Here it is. At least you don't look like this.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Life changes

Sorry for the delay. Busy life changes have kept me from the blog. We decided as a family that I was going to go back to work full time (3 days a week plus an extra shift every other week) so that we could be together as a family. Oh yeah because Shawn will be staying home! He and Emolyn will get to spend the days together that I don't work and we will all get to spend the other days together, as a family. I am really looking forward to seeing Shawn more, and to having enough money to go see a movie every once in a while!
Emolyn updates include that she is teething like a maniac! She is shoving anything and everything in her mouth! I picked up those cool netting eating things Kristen and she loves it, thanks for the idea! She is eating some more foods but still prefers her mommas milk! We go to the Dr this friday to check on her weight but I think she is looking so big! She can almost sit up on her own buts its hard to show off since she seems to always be being held! I think she is going to start crawling soon because she can get her butt up in the air and her head and solders up just no at the same time! Which is fine by me I like her to stay in the spot I left her.
I hopefully only have the boot on for 1 1/2 more weeks. I am getting an xray before my next appt so that should give us all the answers. It is feeling better I am just sick of this boot.
I found this rad resale kids store from my friend Laura and it as the best quality kids resale clothes ever and so cheap! I got Emolyn 7 sleepers, 5 from the disney store, for $1.99 each. I could have bought so much more. But next time I will take in some of her Preemie clothes and trade them in for new stuff!
Emolyn and I have a horror story from going to the mall. I made a video blog about it but Shawn still has to fix it up for me. So soon to come! Oh and Emolyn makes her talking debut! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am a big fat winner!

I won the bumbo cover! Emolyn is going to be so pleased! It is corduroy and it is going to be monogrammed (for free also) with "Baby T".  And this blogger gives away something every friday for baby or mommy or both!
Here are a couple pics to catch you up on Emolyn's photogeneticity.

We are learning what it means to be coy. I think shes got it down.
Here is my stupid foot, after 3 weeks, still purple, still swollen. I go back to the dr on friday, I am not so sure its healing right. My toes keep going numb and thats not really a good thing. But at least my foot doesn't look like this, sorry Jeannette!
I wanted to show you this cute little set because as we all know Emolyn has a zillion clothes, but we were sort of planning on her wearing 3-6 month clothes in the summer. That is not going to happen since she is wearing newborn size clothes right now. So we have a lot of summer things for winter time. In an effort to stay positive I am thinking we will just need some sweaters and leggings. And this is the awesome gift we got! This is a white sweater and cap that Emolyn's Mawmaw (aka wise Emolyn) made! I know she will look adorable in it!
PS I am working on the favorite clothing thing but I worked 3 nights in a row so I am still catching up on sleep and what it means to be awake during the day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hey, its just me, bloggin' at 4:30 am at work. I have made it! Sure, I am a little sleepy, but I am still awake! I will hopefully post a photo soon of my favorite article of clothing. The problem now is that hardly any of my clothes fit anymore! I need an entire post baby wardrobe. A couple more night shifts and maybe I can afford it!