Monday, March 28, 2011

since we last saw each other...

My Elsie Lane is almost 6 months old. What happened? It has gone so fast. She is so beautiful and plump i love it! We just took her 6 month photos yesterday sop I should have those within a few weeks to show off.
Elsie is super chatty, babbling with some pretty hilarious facial expression. And he talks much more in the evenings than the morning. She sits up by herself for some extended periods of time and loves grabbing toys and shoving them in her mouth. She loves rice cereal which is the only food she has had so far. And of course she loves her mommas food, never refuses it!

 She has the sweetest personality and loves to laugh. She is very ticklish! And is currently very into the sound and feeling of scratching things. She also loves to cuddle and smash her cheek against yours, its pretty great.  She has turned the corned on car rides and now usually sleep through the whole thing, finally.
 Emolyn turned 3! She is so funny and caring and says the greatest stuff. She is always trying to put concepts together of things she doesn't really know about but it usually sounds like she is a genius.
 She got a doctor bag for her birthday and is either a doctor or a nurse almost every day. She loves taking care of her babies and stuffed animals. Sometimes they fall off their bikes but sometimes they are dead. To which she follows "but its ok" and then she fixes them. A lot of them have babies in their tummies which she, as the doctor, cuts out (because thats how all babies are born right?).
 Emolyn also loves clothes. she changes approximately 12 times a day. And the combinations are always very fashion forward. church yesterday was silver shoes pink tights a purple skirt with a yellow shirt on backwards. I try to capture some of these outfits but who has the time with them always changing.
 Emolyn told me the other day she loved me this much and spread her arms out. I said "you love me more than anyone else huh?" and she said "No. I love daddy most" well now at least i can stop guessing, i know for sure, she is a daddys girl. And how could you not be. He is an awesome dad. The play robot together using robot voices and he takes her out on her tricycle.
 We have been fortunate enough to go to prescott, az twice within 6 weeks and it was so much fun each time. Snow the first time and sun the 2nd. I love being together as a family and going out of town, even if its just an hour away is such a treat.
So here we are. I am working 6 shifts a month and LOVING being at home all the other days. I have noticed I have been jamming too much into these days and am finding all 3 of us frazzled and going from one place to the next so I am trying to slow down a bit and not commit to so much. Shawn is looking for a new job since tiny prints isn't turning out to be what they hired him for. If he didn't have such a sensitive gag reflex i would send him to nursing school :)