Monday, February 7, 2011

life in the bumbo

Elsie is finally in the bumbo and for the most part she loves it! Wanted to give you a quick look at what life with the bumbo looks like at our house. First is painting outside last week before it got cold, so i guess a week and a half ago.

Who are you?

Oh yeah now I remember, you feed me

I like food
 Well sometimes the bumbo can be exhausting, and so can putting away clean clothes which is what I was doing in the girls room when I looked over and saw this
Whoops, guess we blew through nap time :)
Today at the dr 4 month old Elsie Lane was almost 13 lbs! She is 50th percentile for height and weight. What a perfectally average baby! I love it! She is talking and laughing and doing so much better having independent play time (as I write this she is totally crying, why does she make me a lier? Sign of things to come? I hope not)

All that to be said staying at home and being a mom is so awesome! Elsie is a great sleeper and eater and Emolyn is the most special caring giving sweet girl. She woke me up sunday morning to give me a foot massage :) I couldn't be more blessed. I just have to remember that during the crying. When all 3 of us are crying it can get a little tough.