Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuff, no pics

I know you all love to see photos of Emolyn, well all 6 of you who even look at the blog but alas today I have no photos. Not that any would compare to kelsies!
Just some quick notes on what I have been thinking about lately:
-go to bed earlier (starting after this blog)
-be in more pictures (i read an awesome post by the famed "pioneer woman" that she wrote about getting in the pictures with your kids. She said in 5 years you will look 5 years older and 10 years ago I thought I was ft but look at me now!) It was kind of an eye opener. I try to get out of pictures because I think I dont look good but I am only going to get worse so get in them now!
-read more, this is hard because I read at night which keeps me up late, see bullet #1
-should we have 2 kids or 3? Not time yet but 2 is sounding good and the 1 I have is easy. Here is my rational: If I have another girl, totally not worth risking a 3rd girl. that would put me over the edge. and if I have a boy then we have one of each and if I have 1 more than only 1 kid get someone like them that feels unfair. Michellis told me this story about a lady having 3 kids incase 1 died the other would have a sibling to help them cope. But i think the more kids you have the more your statistical risk increases that 1 may die. I am just saying. And finally at 3 you are outnumbered. there are more of them then there are grown ups. Just contemplating.
-Summer is looking busy. Or is it? Maybe just for the next month then like everything in AZ it will dry up.
-Should I take Emolyn to Mexico for girls vacation? I want to say yes because we will never be going in the city. we will be in a house on the secluded beach unexposed to any germs which may be swiny in nature. We are going in like 2 weeks. We will see...
-I wish more people would blog regularly. you know I dont always have time to read them all but I love to be updated. Know whats going on in their lives.
-I dont feel like I fully got to enjoy the Memorial Day sales today. Bummer.
To all a good night...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

15 months

My little girl is 15 months old today! Here is a little update to what she is up to.
-she loves swimming and splashing but after ever splash wipes her face, a lady doesn't let water sit on her face!
-she has taken 4 consecutive steps but is not happy about it. she cried after walking at michelle's last night. she just really likes crawling.
-she has 8 super cute teeth
-she does this super excited face where she balls her fists and crinkles her nose, its fabulous
-she loves opening things, drawers containers and putting stuff into them, like pulling out all of her socks and putting them in where the diapers so or right now pulling all the paper out of the printer
-she says "dahg" which is very east coast for "dog" but "dahg" refers to all animals, and some people. and by the way shawn and I are both "dad"
-she loves giving kisses, it used to be like pulling teeth but now she love it. she kisses everyone in a book and if she likes you enough she will kiss you too
-she loves playing with other kids and we are working on being "gentle"
-she points to everything! and pointing is usually followed by a grunt indicating "i want that" or "take me there"
-she is almost too big for her infant seat. i think we have 2 pounds to go.
-she is the most expressive child. i wish i could capture every expression, its priceless.
-she has the most pleasant demeanor. She is simply a joy to be around.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So these are pretty hollyhocks right? So they didn't look this way like 2 weeks ago.

I finally decided to attack the week situation in the back yard and probably pulled like 6 of these beauties out, thinking they were weeds. I am an idiot. I planted these seeds probably 3 years ago, they were transplants from Lindas amazing hollyhock garden. So now I only have like 4 stalks but I am such a dork. There is finally something not hideous in my backyard and I go and ruin it!
On a happier note Emolyn has started putting things on, hats, socks, jackets. She is so funny right now and just wants to play and play. I love her!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big experience, no photos

Guess who peed on the potty! Emolyn! Pictures (staged to recreate) to follow but she totally did it. I try to bring her to her potty whenever I have to potty. So she is sitting on her pink potty bottomless reading her "baby faces" book and she keep dropping it and picking it up. So now she drops it and tries to crawl off the potty to get to it but the potty has tinkle in it! So she dumps pee all over the book and the floor because she doesn't really walk yet so in crawling off the potty it came down with her. So she and book have pee all over but i am trying to be so excited about pee in the potty and I want to give her a treat but the pee seems like I need to take care of that first. So after some quick re-diapering and sanitation I take her to the kitchen where we open a little pack of M&Ms she is so exciting she is bouncing in my arms. I take her to the bathroom and show her the potty again and say "good girl for going potty in the potty" and give her an M&M. It was dramatic but rewarding.
Packing for vacation to Carlsbad. i work tomorrow and friday and we leave early sat morning. Yikes! So potty staging pictures hopefully to be done by shawn tomorrow!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first tutu

Still a work in progress but this last week I got Emolyn into the first tutu I made. It was a little tight, so we will have to go bigger for the next one. Stay tuned!

Emolyn is still feeling yucky. She has a cold and croup and i think all the mucus in her tummy is making her randomly throw up. so we are sort of dealing with a lot here! But she is so sad to watch. Such a pitiful little thing all stuffed up and coughing. Her cough does sound much better now and no more wheezing, but her oxygen level was great at the doctor. She tries to sleep and the cough wakes her up and her throat is sore so she cries, poor thing. I made her some gatorade popsicles and she likes those!
One benefit of Emolyn's illness is along with my mental health day off work last week I got off today to be her personal nurse. I haven't worked since tuesday. I could really get used to this no working thing!
Mothers day is fast approaching and I havent finished my gift plans. My mom is so hard to shop for. I feel like I am always finding things for Linda but my mom seems to be more difficult to find things for. Oh well, keep searching.
Wishing you all a Happy Mothers day week full of naps! Ha! I read in my parenting magazine these kids said what they wanted to get their moms and one girl said "a doll because all mommy has in bed with her is daddy" it was funny.