Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Thompson 3!

We had a blast this Holiday season and so much fun to enjoy it with Emolyn who is nearly a professional crawler! Weighing in at 13 lbs 10 oz she is pulling herself up and sticking everything in her mouth. To my dismay she also says "Da Da" on a regular basis. She has been [playing with all of her new toys in her play pin where she cant get into anything dangerous as she is now quite the mover. She is also getting good at screaming really loud when we take something away from her. What happened to my passive little angel? I will fill you in more on what Christmas looked like for our family but here was just a taste!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching up

I know you are thinking "Is something wrong with Nicole?" since I have been silent for so long. But not to worry. Life and working and the Holidays has just got me a little bit more busy than usual. But let me sum up how totally much fun we have been having and what amazing things my exceptional daughter is doing!
1. I got a hair cut. Hated it at first now it is growing on me. I donated my hair so that was fun but the guy was kind of a jerk who gave me my free haircut and I have seen him before and he is super good but maybe he was in a bad mood, it could be because he has gained like 50 lbs sine I saw him in march! Anyhow, he pretty much said I wasn't cool enough for a cool haircut and gave me a bob which I didn't want and then I said "well its pretty round, like I have a helmet on" and he said "well it is a bob!" Uh duh, thats not what I wanted. And then he blow dried it all forward and it was very flock of seagulls. And then I said it didn't really like the front and he said "maybe you want bangs" and boom, just cut bangs. no conversation just snip snip. And the bangs are very julia roberts as tinkerbell. hideous. But it is looking better, thanks God. And I did not shed any tears, although I thought about it. And i have been getting a very good reception about it at work which is nice.
2. We have been doing advent as a family every sunday night,. ANd it has been really fun. our womens group at church had this lady come and kind of teach a way to do advent with kids that really makes the holidays fun and we are enjoying it.

3. Shawn and I went to disneyland! And we got season passes! so if you want us to come with you we will! We went with the college group and it was a blast check Mirandas blog and facebook for more photos. The new toy story ride was awesome here is us being excited about it.

4. Emolyn got her ears pierced and saw santa in the same day! Hopefully the "diamond" studs will keep away the "how old is your little boy" questions. I think they are adorable and she really did quite well. She loved Santa and his real beard! The smiled at each other and they really had a connection. It was hard to get her to look at the camera for the $20 picture. wow.
5. emolyn is crawling and pulling her self up and standing well and being generally cute. She is still sleeping well through the night. No words yet but she does say "ba ba" which I think means bottle, which means milk and I am the giver of milk so essential "ba ba" means mom.

6. We have completed several Christmas traditions and we have more coming up so stay tuned. We are doing Emolyns first Christmas so we are very excited about that. She crawls to the presents under the tree and tries to open them. I keep trying to tell her to stop being so greedy she will have plenty of presents on christmas eve and christmas.

7. To all those who did not get a christmas card I am sorry we decided to cut back this year and I didn't realize how many people we had to cut! I was pretty bummed. So family all got one and that was kinda all. But we used the awesome photos from Kelsie so if you saw the previous post you didn't miss out.
8. We got a new chair from my grandparents. A super comfy lazyboy rocker. It is so nice to be able to rock emolyn to sleep, we didn't have a rocker before!
9. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Photos of Emolyn

Well she has done it again. Kelsie from Pinkerton Photography has beautifully captured Emolyn and our family. Expect one of her creations on a Christmas card this year! Until then enjoy our little beauty and her many expressions!
Check out the cool purple  jogging suit from Aunt Stacey

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday time

Sorry I have not blogged in many moons. The holidays are always a busy time in our house and with working full time it doesn't slow down. Here are a few quick things we are looking forward to:
Disneyland-we leave this friday!
The famous Try Christmas Party where we all dress up like Christmas Family Vacation
Emolyns first Christmas!
My super fun friends Jana and her husband bringing their little Delaney to town, can't wait to meet her, she and Emolyn are only 1 week apart!
Christmas Eve service, it always gets me ready for the big day.
Thompson family tree decorating, I think it might be my year to put the star on, but I may just be hoping!
And many more...
Heres to hoping I post more soon and that the Holidays dont pass me by. Check out Lindas blog for Thanksgiving photos!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remember when... This was Emolyn in her chair 6 months ago
And Emolyn now! What a big girl!
She is feeling much better and we have a fun picnic/kickball day today with the college group, Emolyn loves to be involved!
The Thompson household is trying to get set for the Holiday season. It makes me so sad the some of the excitement of Christmas gets lost in the anxiety of Christmas. Like "yeah its coming" and "Oh crap I need to go shopping". The new one person income makes the Christmas shopping a little more difficult. And I have decided we are not getting anything for Emolyn. She wont know and I am sure she will get a ton of goodies from her loving family. Maybe I will wrap some of the toys she already has for photo purposes. or maybe she will just get diapers for Christmas!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poor Emolyn

I took Emolyn to the Dr today because it has been 10 days and her nose is still runny! Come to find out that this tough little girl has a sinus infection, and two ear infections! You never would have known if not for the runny nose. No fever, she hasn't been irritable, just her usual pleasant self. Poor thing. So today she was 12 lbs 7 oz and her temp was 99.3. Her snot is even clear! Oh well. I knew something was funny, I am glad we took her, but I feel bad she is so sick. Hey we went 8 1/2 months with no illness thats pretty good!
We tried to put some tights on her Sunday before church. Oh wow, she hated it and man were they too big. We thought it was more funny than she did.
So we will be staying in for a few days, which Shawn is not happy about. He likes to take her out and I think he gets a little stir crazy in the house. He got to go to guitar center today while I was at home so he got a little break!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Horror of horrors

my vote not counting, not as horrible as i had originally thought.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Halloween got a little frantic this year with our party being on halloween night and it being Emolyns first Halloween! We ended up attending the church fall festival for a short time, mostly to show off Emolyn. But we had just taken Maurice to the beauty parlor (Petsmart) so he came along. Wow, he almost got more attention than Emolyn. His reindeer costume lasted about 2 minutes so he was just a dog this year, which went well with the theme. Emolyn was a cat, I was a mouse and Shawn was cheese. We got a family photo taken at church so when I get that one I will post it. But for now here were a few cute ones.

Madison was an inmate and her parents were police. Jeannette got the badge and Matt got the gun.

Emolyn changed costumes half way thru the party to the less hot doggy costume, but got tuckered out and headed to bed. But she didn't stay down long. She quickly realized the party was still going and stayed strong till 10:30! 
I will be posting soon about the fun decorations and snacks we had, man I love the ideas you find online!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What we have been up to

Emoyln is into osmosis. I keep finding her with her books on her head.
Her least favorite thing is bath time. She hates it so we rarely bathe her (i know it sounds gross) If you think about it she  gets wiped down with baby wipes like a zillion times a day after eating and with every diaper change so she doesn't really get that dirty. But she has a cold so I wanted her to get all the germs washed away. but look at that cute butt!
Now after the bath she is great. As soon as you remove her from the water she is fine. But she did well in the pool so I dont know what her issue is. But this was bath time tonite.
Now even sick girls have to eat so we had some of our homemade applesauce with a ton of rice cereal to try and bulk up!
And lastly since Emolyn is sick (green runny nose, no fever) we had to stay home from the college group Halloween party tonite. Shawn got to go and he decided to be Ashton Kutcher.
Emolyn is looking better right now, less snot, easier breathing, I am sure i will sleep better tonite!
Looking forward to our Halloween party next friday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

little baby

Well our monthly weight check was today and it was a little disappointing. At 8 months emolyn is only 11 lbs 11 oz. she had been gaining a pound  month and this month we only got 11 oz. Oh well. i know she is still growing and what a cutie huh! She is becoming even more active scooting around and almost always moving, I think she burns too many calories being a barrel of fun!
I made 2 soups last week, roasted red pepper and tomato. it was so fun and they were pretty good! We have also been making a ton of apple sauce and pear sauce with all the apples we got from Randy and Linda's trip to Wisconsin and from a flat of pears my mom bought. It is so easy to make it in the crock pot, what a breeze and delicious!

Friday, October 17, 2008

where there was 1 now there are 2

This is Emolyn surrounded by her new barn animals that make sounds! She loves to eat them. And speaking of eating it will be a lot easier for her with another tooth! Thats right tooth number 2 has come in right next to tooth number one. Its a miracle!
Well in an effort to try and have at least one pair of jeans that fit that are not maternity jeans Shawn and I went shopping at Macys where we have a gift card yesterday. What a disaster. The womens size jeans all come up too high on my waist, even the low ones and the regular length is too long while the petite are too short. An the junior sizes all go too low on my waist, making me get a size larger to fit in to them. I think I might have tried on 100 pairs of jeans. Shawn was so patient and so was Emolyn.
Then we went to mervyns across the street who is going out of business, everything 50% off, found 2 pairs of jeans, the fit perfect. So that was all a little crazy and it makes we want to start working out.
Today I will be trying to finish the top to a miniature quilt I am making, hopefully pictures to follow. But I work tonite so I will be trying to squeeze in a nap.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Emolyns first Halloween time

We took a trip saturday to Schnepfs Farms with the college group at church. Emolyn got tp wear her Halloween themed "BOO" shirt and she was very excited. She played with our new decorative scary pumpkin to get ready for the trip.

Once there (over an hour drive) we had a great time but brrr was it cold!

Check out the next post for Emolyns winter time photo shoot!

Emolyns Winter time photo shoot

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Awesome News

The precious little girl who has been teething for the last 3 1/2 months finally is cutting her first tooth! We found it today. On the bottom, to the left. We can feel it and see it! This explains the whole runny nose thing. It wasn't a cold, it was a tooth! Just wanted to let you know! Oh and she pretty much sits up by herself. It has been a big last week for baby progress. We are growing out of clothes left and right!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking ahead

Well my birthday weekend was totally fun. A tiny bit of unhappiness, they found our car. It wasn't really messed up but they found it while we were out of town and so they had to tow it and it was this whole ordeal. But we got it back from the shop today and we are back where we started, only minus $350.
Emolyn had a great time with my mom over the weekend, she was her usual awesome self but mom said she could tell Emolyn missed us. We would call and talk to her and my mom would send us photos on her cell. I think we all did pretty well.
I did hear a lot of encouraging words on my birthday. Fun well-wishing phone calls were very appreciated. I am so not good at remembering birthdays that it is really fun when other people are! And I realized this was my first birthday as a mom! Which is totally fun. Only Emolyn didn't even get me a present, already ungrateful...
We get to spend this next weekend with Winston while his parents are out of town so look forward to some fun pics! And I was not the photographer in Prescott so you will have to wait for those photos too.
So much to look forward to!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a gem

If you were thinking this was the face of a guard dog you would be wrong. Maurice slept while our car was stolen out of the driveway last night. Thanks Maurice, thanks a lot.


Well, we have a first. Emolyn has a cold. You wouldn't know if it wasn't for her runny nose. No fever, no cough, clear snot.
Look at those dimples!
Oh and she has been sleeping a lot. Lots of naps. I had what I can only think is the stomach flu on tuesday starting at 2 AM. So Emolyn took a lot of naps with me tuesday and wednessday. But she has been in a great mood. You would never know she as under the weather.
But we want her healthy by this weekend because this is our first weekend away from her! We are going up to Prescott for my birthday and Emolyn is staying home with grandma Beckie. I am sure we will all have a great time.