Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have great friends and they sent me flowers! Delivered. I have never had flowers delivered before and it was very exciting. The tulips all opened up and it was fantastic!
Shawn and Emolyn were watching for a monsoon storm the other night. PS Shawn never takes off his shoes. only to shower and sleep.
"my daddy has big feet"
Emolyn still plays with her easter basket and eggs she likes taking them out and spreading them around the room. Shawn also gave her an old mouse and she loves that.
She got so excited about me taking this picture she closed her eyes! I love this outfit! She looks like she is going to a country club. This shirt is from my favorite place Hissyfits!
We are enjoying as much of the summer as we can with play dates and swimming but trying to keep cool in the house too. Shawn has been working on some graphic design jobs and it planing on starting his own business! More info to follow...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hard Week

Shawn and I were blessed to find out a few weeks ago that we were having another baby! Due 2/24/10 almost exactly 2 years after Emolyn. Emolyn went to our first Dr's appointment with us and we saw Baby's heartbeat. We have his little picture up on the fridge.
Earlier this week I started bleeding and cramping which I knew was bad news. I called the Dr Tuesday and they scheduled me for an ultrasound on Wednesday. Our suspicions were confirmed, I had lost the baby. I should have been 9 weeks and he only measured 7 weeks 4 days. I know enough about ultrasounds to know what to look for and I knew immediately he was gone.
Shawn and I have our moments of sadness but mostly we have peace. Its weird how all those one liners "It wasn't meant to be" and "its not the right time" and "everything happens for a reason" are strangely comforting. Because the miscarriage was so early it is highly likely the baby had a chromosomal abnormality.
We are just holding our little girl and being so thankful for the gift that she has been to us and continues to be, even when she throws her books at me to read them to her!
Thank you all for your kind words and thoughtful prayers. We are laying low for a little while. But otherwise I am feeling pretty good. Up for cleaning the house anyway! The laundry waits for no one!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too hot for clothes

As the "excessive heat warning" continues Emolyn and I have chosen to stay inside and I was realizing she has been doing so many cool things lately that we are getting them on video and no still pictures. So here are some updates from yesterday.
This is Emolyn every morning she wakes up and come to our bed to have her morning bottle. She is now on bottles only for wake up and bedtime. But she loves to relax in luxury. Can you tell which side I sleep on? The side with all the crap on the bedside table!
Emolyn loves to dress up, every couple of minutes she comes out of her room with new accessories. Different shoes, hats and something in her hand. This outfit was just after we were folding laundry and she put shawns underwear on her head, actually her head through one of the leg holes, it was pretty funny!
Here is an example. 1 crock thats too big and a dish towel scarf. Very eclectic.
And finally dinner. Emolyn had some organic ravioli and she ate it all, and then wanted more! She knows several sign language words thanks to "Baby Signing Time" so she signs "more food" on a pretty regular basis. And she pretty much freaks out when baby signing time comes on she loves it so much. Also she is an artist. I mean look at the beautiful designs. Breathtaking. And it was off to the shower.
We have had several more successful potty stops, I think she is getting the hang of it. We are only leaving the house to swim and does she love swimming! We have a few friends with large shallow area in thei pool so she loves to walk around there and then step off the edge. No fear this one. She has also started to get frustrated. When one toy wont fit in another or a shoes is too small, she will scream at it. Oh and to put shoes on she grabs her foot to put it in the shoe. I guess she doesn't realize she can control her feet without using her hands. Its great to watch. Well sorry for the delayed update but here is my little cutie!