Sunday, March 22, 2009

New phone pics

Shawn was able to import the photos from his cell phone using this new fangled "bluetooth" technology. Well we got some pretty cute ones on the computer now! Here are just a few!
This is Emolyns new found Pirate Face that she makes on a very regular basis but its hard to catch on film. Our friend Clark got a good one. Shawn takes pictures of her while they are home together and sends them to me while I am at work. This one made me laugh out loud.

This was when I was cleaning out the childrens ministry supply closet at church. Shawn was an Italian man, mostly because thats the only accent he can do.
"Who me"
Don't you just love her in bunny ears? We can't wait for Disneyland! We leave this friday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look who did it!

Guess who took a step to me today! She fell on the second step but the first one worked and it was awesome! Just wanted to let you all know!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleepy baby and Monkey

This is my sleepy baby and her monkey. She loves this monkey from World Market that my grandma gave her. Its funny because she can't make up fun names for her toys yet and we just aren't that creative I guess because we have named him "monkey". I know, clever. Its not even Mr Monkey or Professor Monkey or Dr Monkey or even Captain Monkey. I remember when Benjamin was little and he had a cat named "sad kitty". Why it was sad I dont know.
P.S. Thanks Kristin for this awesome outfit!

Friday, March 13, 2009


My mom got us a special gift this christmas with a magazine subscription and we each get to pick our own. Well I think I am the only who is still deciding. I am reading reviews and I dont know what to pick? I like the magazine blueprint but they cancelled it. I am thinking maybe Real Simple. I like Ready Made but I got the book and the reviews seemed right on with that one. A few good ideas but mostly duds.
So I was hoping for a suggestion or two.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She is going. Its settled. i love her so bad!

Monday, March 9, 2009

We love Disneyland

Can't you just see the joy on his little face? We love Disneyland and for christmas we got each other annual passes. We get to go to the Magic Kingdom the last weekend of March with our good friends Meredith and Andy, it is going to be awesome.
Here is my dilemma. Should I bring Emolyn? She is so well behaved and so much fun and so happy. But then one person always has to stay with her and cant ride the rides. She can't walk yet so she will have to be pushed or carried. She doesn't get characters and stuff yet. But she has cute Disney clothes! And I absolutely hate to be away from her. Andy and Meredith said they are totally ok with either one. They are awesome.
I know everyone has an opinion about when to take a kid to Disneyland. We are going again for sure in August and she will be coming then. We want to sneak in a trip before then also. SO, what should we do?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh what a year it has been....

My little girl. Who would have known a year ago we would have such a healthy, busy, happy, hungry little girl. And look at her, in her birthday suit! Sorry I know its a ton of pictures but its amazing to watch her grow! She is amazing. She had her developmental assessment today and guess what? She is a totally normal 1 year old! No deficit, no "based on gestational age". She is constantly amazing us and cracking us up and wowing us with her little personality.
I was ready through my journaling from her month in the NICU so I thought I would close wth some of my thoughts/feelings on the events of the day. 
"Shawn went to the ultrasound with me and by this time many friends and family had gathered to support us. We were laughing and having a good time a the ultrasound, able to see the baby and watch it move around was really comforting. We asked the tech how large the baby was, it looked good to us. she said, “around 2 and 1/2 pounds”. shock. The baby should have been at least four pounds. How could this have happened? At this point we knew the baby was coming and I quickly realized I couldn’t fatten it up in the next hour. So the calming peace that had been with me most the day came again. It was out of my control. I could either freak out of accept what was going to happen. My nurse came to pick me up from ultrasound already knowing the test results. As she pushed me she discussed the most likely outcome. The baby was too small. It would almost definitely need assistance breathing and maybe even more support. We might hear a cry and we might not.
Tamara pushed me into a room full of family and friends. You could see on their faces they knew. This was not going to be easy but it was already happening, and it felt like it was going very fast. The shaking from the shots had stopped and I was very tired. We were all waiting for a girl down the hall to deliver so the dr could be ready for me. I rested my head in my hands in the wheelchair as I waited. I was exhausted. They helped me to bed and I tried to be awake and positive. Shawn put on his surgical scrubs and they came to pick me up. Around my bed in a circle everyone stood and said a prayer. For me, for Shawn for our baby for our family, for health, for peace."