Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mmmm feet

Since Grammie and Pop pop are out of town we will be trying to post frequently to keep them updated with the little girls growth. So this is Emolyn at 7 months and 11pds and 24 inches long. She has officially found her feet and since she was eating them one morning I decided to capture it!

Shawn seems to be having trouble getting video on the computer so i took a mini video with the camera. of course it is totally dark so you cant see a thing but i was tickling Emolyn so you can hear her laughing! Enjoy! I know you dont get to see her big dimples but its still fun.
I also got the treat of a much needed girls night. Check it out on Merediths Blog.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eating is messy business

Emolyn has started eating fruits and veggies and she does not really care for the fruit. She puckers her face and she seems to think everything is tart. She does like veggies though so I thought I would give you a couple of clips of what our snack time looks like. I strip her down for less clean up and she proceeds to smile and let all the food fall out, to talk and spit food and to move her head back and forth to rub food all over her chest.  Oh and the drooling certainly hasn't slowed down. But she has started opening her mouth for the spoon and grabbing for the spoon. What a big girl.

She loves her "play area" as we like to call it. We got a new blanket from Aunt Carol that has that crunchy stuff under the tree and she has learned to roll from her back to her belly to chew on it.
And thank God for Aunt Marianne. Who else would keep Emolyn so well dressed? We got more adorable dresses and sweaters from her last week. She wore the white dress on Sunday and she was the cutest girl there! Oh and you haven't seen the cutest thing yet. This super girly denim jacket. I can't wait until it fits!
Thanks Aunts for all the awesome gifts!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sedona part duex

We did get out of the room several times and got to walk around and enjoy the phenomenal weather. Emolyn loves being outside so this was awesome for her. Shawn wore Emolyn in my Sleepy Wrap and she loved it. She just stared at him until she fell asleep!

The view from our room was awesome and at sunset we got 2 rainbows!
The next day Emolyn was ready to go out and play. We went to a fun cafe for breakfast and I did the crossword in the paper. 
She wasn't always ready for her picture to be taken.

The red rocks are just so beautiful there is just no describing them. Although we didn't make it to the Vortex we had a great time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sedona pt 1

We got a ton of awesome pics in Sedona so its a 2 parter. We were so lucky to get the chance for a little family get away to much cooler weather. Extra thanks to the Winzelers for thinking of us to stay at their timeshare. Only a 1 1/2 hour drive to beautiful Sedona and the famous redrocks. This was the view from our patio.
After we arrived and unpacked we got ready for a walk, but everytime we would go out it would rain and even hail! So we would head back inside, to our favorite vacation past time, cable tv. It doesn't seem to matter where we are we always watch tv. its so sad. We watched a lot of tv in Hawaii. Come on between the next top model marathon and fresh prince on 24/7 who can leave!
So when we got ready to go out we got Emolyn dressed in her sweater and bonnet that Mamaw had made for her. It was so funny, she looked like George Washington!
We did get out of the room quite a bit. We went to this fun cafe for lunch only to realize we had forgotten Emolyns diaper bag and she had taken a poo. So we got our lunch to go!
Emolyn had fun making funny faces at Daddy as he took pictures and video taped her. She is getting so animated! And guess what she is up to 10 lbs 10 oz and a whopping 24 inches long! I can't fatten her up because she is growing too fast! Thats 9 inches in 6 months!
Stay tuned for part 2!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 month family pictures

I got my hair did today so we decided to do 6 month old family photos, and Emolyn and I are sort of matchy matchy. I wanted the curtains open since it was sunny and pouring rain out (which is so not right) but it wouldn't work with the light.
Emolyn wanted to show off what a good stander she is!
This was her prepping for the picture. She just found her feet this week and it has been so fun to watch! She is such an awesome baby. Since we have been taking her to church everyone in the nursery has said what a happy baby she is and so low maintenance lets hope she stays that way!
We are loving being at home together. We got a cool opportunity to go stay at a friends time share overnight tomorrow so we are going to take a quick overnighter up in Sedona AZ (aka the cosmic center of the earth). High 63 degrees, scattered showers, we are thrilled. Pics to come! Wish us luck as we buy some crystals!

Emolyn's new dress

Check out Emolyn's newest ensemble. It is a custom creation by Katie and Cedenza Clothing. Check out her cute kids clothes, she also makes wedding dresses. She is incredibly talented and I was so lucky to get this special outfit! Despite the look Emolyn does like the dress! She also likes to pull the bow!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

late night babbling

So, I am at work, and I am bored. Night shift is significantly slower, not that I want to be super busy but it sure does help the time pass.
I have decided (and Shawn has been talking a lot about it) I want to go on vacation. Hopefully a quick weekend getaway to Prescott for my birthday will help abate that desire. Of course I don't know if that is going to work yet or not but keep your fingers crossed. It will be our first night with Emolyn away from us both since her long vacation in the hospital. I have been remembering that a lot lately. It was one of those times that in the season it feels like its taking forever and when its done it went so fast. It just helps me keep in perspective how hard times are not forever, and sad seasons will pass. And we are so lucky to have such a happy healthy little girl.
While trying to get my scrapbook stuff organized I have been looking at pictures and she looks so different, I forget how truly tiny she was and that she is my little miracle baby. Now she is acting like such a big girl babbling all the time. She has taken to doing this shrill scream for fun, its pretty funny. Shawn got it on video, hopefully I can post it soon. Awaiting the purchase of the cord to connect the video camera to the computer.
This whole stay at home dad thing is going pretty well. I love spending time with Shawn and Emolyn as a family. I do need to stop expecting so much from Shawn while he is at home, but otherwise its awesome to have 4 days together. He does so good keeping Emolyn quiet so I can sleep when I work nights and he is so willing to do anything she needs. Have you ever heard of a better dad?
Got a call from the costco/mall insurance people about my "claim". They recorded my statement and the guy was so cool. When the recording was done he said "I just want to say I am really sorry for you. I have a 1 year old little girl and I can't imagine how scary that must have been". What a nice guy! So he said I should hear soon about whats gonna happen. Wish me luck$$$$$