Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday time

Sorry I have not blogged in many moons. The holidays are always a busy time in our house and with working full time it doesn't slow down. Here are a few quick things we are looking forward to:
Disneyland-we leave this friday!
The famous Try Christmas Party where we all dress up like Christmas Family Vacation
Emolyns first Christmas!
My super fun friends Jana and her husband bringing their little Delaney to town, can't wait to meet her, she and Emolyn are only 1 week apart!
Christmas Eve service, it always gets me ready for the big day.
Thompson family tree decorating, I think it might be my year to put the star on, but I may just be hoping!
And many more...
Heres to hoping I post more soon and that the Holidays dont pass me by. Check out Lindas blog for Thanksgiving photos!


AmyKristen said...

Please keep us posted on whether or not you put the star on. :) I'm sure we'll see pictures of it all! How fun to celebrate Emolyn's first Christmas. I hope it's a great one!

Miranda said...

HAHA... I have picture proof from last year that it was Shawn who put up the star... and you did it the year before and Tyler was before that. So it's actually my turn! I love that you like that tradition... It's one of my favorites too :)

Laura said...

I didn't have hair until I was almost 2! Hopefully it won't take that long for our lovelies to grow some!