Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas tree shopping

Tonight we went shopping at our local Whitfill Nursery for Morton Thompson (our christmas tree's name). We named him the first year and decided that would always be his name. So now its Morton the 5th. It was extra cold here like 45 degrees so we bundled up and headed to dinner. Our family tradition is dinner first. This is Shawn's year to pick the place so we ate at The Yard House and got there in time for happy hour! We shared 2 appetizers and they were huge! Sliders and Chicken nachos. And Emolyn had some soup. Her new thing is soup she loves to say "soup" and to eat soup.
This was what tree shopping looked like for us.
Emoyln sat next to the HUGE inflatable snow man. Just to give you a little perspective...Here is the tree at home! We usually only get a 5 foot tree due to our enormous cast iron tree stand!


Amy T Schubert said...

cute! I love your tree skirt.

grandma beckie said...

Thank you so much for sharing, I miss you all so very much - grandma beckie and gigi here in Oklahoma city - home of the really cold weather

Miranda said...

What a darling post!
You guys are too cute.
I burst out laughing seeing Emolyn next to that GINORMOUS inflatable snowman.
Love your little family to pieces :)

linda t said...

That was actually ME that left that comment, not Miranda. We've been without internet all day... and using what Randy rigged up, so I was unaware that I had to sign on.
Anyway, love you guys!

Nicole T said...

Thanks. I made it!

AmyKristen said...

Oh my gosh...that snowman is HUGE! Emolyn looks so precious in the first picutre...love her eyes! Danny and I got our first tree! I guess we'll have to name it. I never thought of that :)