Tuesday, August 17, 2010

49 days and counting

OK so all of the sudden its happening fast and we are going to have another baby! In 49 days or less!
Family update:
Shawn- got a job, Emolyn reminds us regularly that she prayed for Daddys new job. Aparently we should have had her doing that sooner. He is working for a company called
Tiny Prints.check them out, the company is fantastic and the work envirnment makes me totally jealous, and I like my job! The lounge is a 50's diner. They take ice cream breaks. It seems incredible. He is in California for training for 2 weeks but gets to come home for the weekend.
Nicole- with Shawns new job development my work schedule should be changing to working less and being home with my girls more! Still working out the details. As for now I am still full time but on light duty until the baby comes. Which means less time on my feet and hopefully a little more weight gain. So far I am only up 4 pounds. I get weight again tomorrow and I am aiming for 10! Fat chance, no pun intended. Otherwise baby girl remains unnamed but as of last weeks ultrasound she is doing well growing (3 lbs 4 oz) and she has chubby cheeks and some hair! I think it will be pretty easy to tell the baby pictures apart.

Emolyn- babies babies babies. She loves her baby dolls, naming them, feeding them bottles (they are frequently "thirsty"), and patting them on the back when they are "crying". Yesterdfay she was telling her newest baby, "don't cry, its ok, its just me and mama". She got a new baby for going poop on the potty and as we drove to the dollar store she was calling out "Im coming baby, Im coming to bring you home". She is like the cutest little nuturing thing I can hardly stand it. She also loves do dance and watches "dancing show" which is SYTYCD. She does a lot of "high kicks" at home like she sees on the show. Also she does a lot of singing and making up songs. My favorite is "I know because". And thats the whole song. over and over. "I know, because, I know, because". Its hilarious.
So despite my lapse in communication all is well at the Thompson home.


linda t said...

I am literally laughing out loud!! You are such a funny story teller. And your precious daughter is so entertaining! And your husband is so awesome.
And I can hardly wait to meet the newest little one and marvel at how she completes your family.
Love you all!

Vivian said...

This is so weird. I read your mom's blog and don't really know you guys except through seeing Shawn and Randy on stage at ODF. But I linked to your blog from your mom's and saw that your husband is working for Tiny Prints!! My daughter just got a temporary job with them and is in training here in Phoenix! She says the same thing about the work environment. What position is Shawn in?