Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elsie Lane is 1!

Elsie Lane Thompson just turned 1! Its pretty amazing. She is pretty amazing. She has like a 20 work vocabulary including some compound words such as hot dog, back pack and peek-a-boo. She loves to say baby and loves saying it with several different kinds of inflections. BAYby, baBEEE and so on. She has incredibly blue eyes and she only cries if you take food away from her. She loves food. Any food and all food. Im amazed she only weighs 21 lbs. She doesn't know the sensation of fullness.

This was the very first time we got to see her. She was so cute. She cried when only her head was out. I was a little worried but she is totally not a crier. She is such a happy girl. She adores her big sister and is pretty much up for anything. She is very social, which is difficult for sleeping when she would rather be hanging out.
She is so stunning!

 What else do I want to remember about Elsie at one? She does sign language and LOVES the Baby Signing Time dvd we have. She just started walking this week and does it with ease. she has 5 teeth and several thigh rolls. se is in the 50% percentile for height and weight and 93% for her head, brains and beauty, amazing. She will do anything Emolyn does. Did I mention she loves to eat? Hasn't met a food she didn't like. She has way more hair than Emolyn did and its super blonde but still not enough to do anything with but a barrette. She loves saying hi and blowing kisses and giving open mouth kisses and patting your back while you hold her. She is so good natured and fun. Oh and of course she is going to be a big sister. Im sure she is very excited especially with loving babies so much. Two babies should be joining the family in April 2012 if everything goes according to plan. Of course since having anymore babies wasn't in the plan originally Im not super confident in any more plans.

 Elsie at her 1st birthday party! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Elsie! She will be a wonderful big (and little sister). Write down as much as you can now because you're going to be pretty busy next year at this time and won't have the time or probably the energy to write about the girls then. We'll be praying for your 4 at 4 and under. Love you guys!