Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dads day and my girl!

I love having a little girl. I know I always wanted a boy but I love having a girly, lipstick loving, shoe trying on girl! She is so fantastic. If you haven't spent some time with her and you want to let me know because its a crime to keep her to myself! I know she is cute but she gets a million times cuter when you hear her "talking" or watch her do her lizard impression or see her kiss every picture of Elmo in a book! I dont think i better baby exists in the world!
And to honor my fantastic husband I must say he is the most amazing dad for my little lamb! He is so delicate with her but still so much fun. We had a great fathers day with a panini bar. Very fun! Thank you shawn for being an awesome dad!

Here is Randy about to enjoy his panini. I wish i would have gotten a shot of the cool gift Emolyn and I made for him. I took a pair of shawns old jeans and made Randy a grilling apron out of them! Emolyn was kind enough to donate her hand prints to each pocket!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo of Shawn and Emolyn! Yes, I will always want more time with Emolyn. She's so precious, as are you! Love, Aunt Etna

kristen said...

You must get a picture of the apron. Do you think she is ready for her first flight out to Oklahoma...:)

linda t said...

Sooo excited to care for your favorite girl tonight while you celebrate 5 years of marriage! Wow, the time has gone by so fast!
Love your little family!