Thursday, June 25, 2009

Around the house

Shawn put up these cool frames with our amazing pictures from Kelsie. Only they aren't picture frames the were art displays at Ikea and not made to be taken apart and pictures added in. But shawn figured it out and made it look awesome! The whole wall art, under $10! Please disregard the surrounding mess!
And my latest addition to home is my amazing gift from Miranda. A beautiful perfume bottle from Prague. Isn't it fantastic. I wonder if I can wear it on a chain...
5th anniversary today! I love being married to Shawny. And I cant believe we got to have a baby together. Being parents has been such an awesome transition. I cant think of a bad part of us being together. And now we get to do a road trip, his favorite thing not mine. and go to a wedding, my favorite thing not his. What a fun weekend planned!

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Grandma Beckie said...

I just love your blog - the photo wall is great - fabulous Shawn