Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09

For Halloween this year we had our 5th annual Halloween party friday night and celebrated Halloween at the fall festival at church. Shawn and I were a 70's couple.Miranda was Danish or Swedish or Norwegian, we didn't really know. Maybe Dutch?
My mom and John were the old hippie couple, past their prime.
Emolyn was a hotdog.
Meredith and I were accidental twins
Emolyn loved seeing her friends all dressed up. Madison was a ballerina fairy princess.
Emolyn loved the games, we were like the first people there which was so perfect because she got to do everything without the big kids in the way! When we got to the face painting we let her choose her won color. Brown. yuck. at least it matched her costume.
Her favorite part about each game was no matter if you won or lost (or cheated which was frequently the case) she always got candy.
She carried her "candy purse" until it got too heavy. She had some super cute pictures taken by Erica at Cora Kingston Photography.
All the moms got together for a mommy and girl photos. As always I photographed well.
Jeannette pulled the girls around in her wagon. Both girls were "so big". It was pretty funny to see them with their hands up like hey were on a rollarcoaster.

By the end of the night Emolyn could say "hot dog" and she had wiped off most of her face paint. All in all we had another great Halloween!


kristen said...

Love the costumes...you always seem to find the perfect outfits...I think linda is rubbing off on you:)Lucky ducks!

Also love your humor-I always love a good giggle!

mini pendants said...

Looks like fun!