Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We had the opportunity to take advantage of the timeshare we have had for 5 years and spend 2 weekends ago there. We had such a great time together as our little family it was so much fun! Emolyn of course was extra cute and we brought plenty of snacks to keep her happy.

And happy she was as she sang "a b c, a b c". Its fantastic.
She has also picked up "air drumming" from shawn and even makes sound effects sometimes! Daddy's little girl!
We got to enjoy the resorts kiddy pool, probably our last swimming adventure for the year, in October, so sad.
It was so nice to relax. We have had something planned every night for it feels like 2 months! How did we get so busy? Anyway I have been working extra so Im a little burnt out after work and house work. sorry about the lack of blogs but I know you have been dying to see her! I will include some new photos soon, because her winter outfits are super cute! Yeah cool weather!


Miranda said...

I have to tell you how cute she was when I was singing to her last night and she started singing too... she even closed her eyes and moved her hands as she sang her little gibberish song. I love her to pieces!!

linda t said...

Love your little family!
I don't think I have ever seen a little one dance as sweetly as your little girl. She has moves unlike any other. She has truly filled my life with laughter and joy.