Friday, June 25, 2010

6th Anniversary

Today we have been married for 6 years and this is the very first anniversary I have been pregnant! So Shawn surprised me with a night at our favorite local B & B Maricopa Manor. We stayed there just after our wedding (thank you bridesmaids and groomsmen) and then on our first anniversary. It is so cute and quaint and they have a pool and a spa and the room are individual like cottages. Very fun. Shawn requesting a room with a tub so I could take a bath! I think thats the #1 most relaxing thing to do, especially when pregnant and we don't have a tub at home. So I spent yesterday swimming and shopping and napping and taking a bath. It was awesome! No pictures, sorry Emolyn wasn't there to inspire the camera to come out! She spent the night with Jason and Michelle and of course had a blast!

If you ever need a night away check out Maricopa Manor, they have discounted summer rates!

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Nick, Noelle, Elayna, and Jack said...

Hi Nicole!
Nick and I were looking for a little overnight get-a-way, but not too far for our 7th wedding anniversary in August. This is perfect! Thank you for the suggestion.