Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emolyn's First Bike

Emolyn got a bike from Gigi and Popo (my grandparents) for her 2nd birthday back in february. Well I wouldn't let her ride outside until she got a helmet, and as you can see it took us a while. But we not only found a helmet, its an Elmo helmet.
She also has Elmo shoes and Elmo sunglasses but we didn't want to go too over the top for the first bike ride! She totally loved it! She made Shawn push her the whole time. "Come on Daddy!" Pretty funny to see Mr 6 foot 1 bending down to push the tiny bike!

We have only been able to go out 1 other time because it is so incredibly hot now. But she does love getting all ready to go out and ride.
She is talking like crazy right now saying sentences and asking about all her friends, and even people who aren't her friends. Lately she has taken to asking about her pediatrician, "Where is Dr Leonard?" "What is Dr Leonard doing?" Hilarious.
She is also very excited about baby sister! As we all are. 6 months of pregnancy down!


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I keep telling everyone how much she is talking!! My heart aches with how much I love her!!!