Friday, September 10, 2010

The countdown is on

25 days till baby (which means 24 days till my birthday- at which time I am totally getting a free dozen Dunkin Donuts-thanks Linda!)
8 more shifts at work
1 more baby shower- Thank you sweet friends for getting together to celebrate our growing family
25 more crappy nights of sleepy
1 crib to finish cleaning, I have already ironed the crib skirt, I know me, ironing -weird!
1 last date night tonight! Emolyn is sleeping at Mimi and Pop pops. I think shawn and I are going out for thai food together. Then maybe a movie, depends on how long I can stay awake :)
25 more days left with my sweet girl being the onyl one to hold. Im already a little sad she has to share me. She prayed for me to have baby sister last night so I wouldn't be sick anymore, its pretty adorable. She says "You sick mama? You need acid pill? Sorry baby sister making you tired."
1 master bathroom in demo mode, maybe done by the time baby comes!
2 grandmas, 2 grandpas, 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 2 great grandmas, 1 great grandpa and 1 big sister and many more all waiting!


Miranda said...

I love you Nicole and I am so excited for the next 25 days!!! But mostly for the next 25 days to be over and little girl to be here!! and you to feel better!
I started making up my christmas list this evening - of what I was thinking of getting people - and as I was making out my list of family and friends I realized that I will have another niece to buy something for!! I never thought of it before!! haha. I mean its not like she'll be doing much by christmas, so I will probably get her a piece of cloth to suck on, but I'll be so excited to get it for her!!

Miranda said...

oh... and you forgot 1 name to pick :)