Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The life and times of the Thompson 3.5

Emolyn wanted to listen to her i pod yesterday, alone. She was adament she did not want to hear it on the speakers, it was for her ears only. Well at 108 degrees she was hanging out in undies, thus without pockets. But we made it work.
She was my cooking helper the other night calling herself "A cooker girl". All this time with other people she comes home with these phrases I have never used and its pretty hilarious. But we put on our matching aprons and went to work making curry and egg rolls for dinner. It was delicious.
Emolyn wanted to do some of the picture taking so here is a picture of baby sister.
Emolyn asking for the camera while Shawn was taking some pregnancy shots.
35 weeks
36 weeks
No pictures from 37 weeks yet but it is well underway. Less than 2 weeks until C section day! Only 3 more days of work after today! Ahhh! Its all really happening! We will have a baby in our house. Emolyn told me she wanted to go to the dr with me so she could be there when he cut baby sister out of my tummy so she could give her a kiss. I told her, not today.
Record breaking high temperatures are making pregnancy super fun but I have my own personal massage therapist coming over tonight! Its the little things that get me through the day! Oh and I can't wait to be home with my girls and have my bathroom done (its almost there, I should probably post a picture huh?) I am, if you will, a lady in waiting...
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linda t said...

Oh my gosh, such darling Mommy & Me pics!!
And yes, she got "the cooker girl" phrase from me. So where in the heck did I get it from?
Love you girls to pieces!