Friday, October 29, 2010

This weekend is going to be awesome!

Here are some updated pictures. Can I just start off with I love being home! Even with all the poop and the crying and the clean up the days fly by and I am totally ok with not leaving the house! All though I have left and some times were better than others :) 2 is definitely more than twice as much work :)
We are learning more about Elsie everyday. She is pretty laid back like Emolyn but really enjoys eating, and would eat all day if I let her. Its the only thing she cries about. She did gain 12 oz in 10 days! She loves the swing we are borrowing from the Youngs (thanks). And she is a total mommas girl. Shawn cant quite make her as happy as I can but its not for lack of trying!
Emolyn and I baked cookies today and they are cooling while she "naps" which is pretty much her singing and reading out loud for an hour, at least, and then (if I am lucky) falling asleep or having an accident or needing to "tell you something" or needing to "see baby sister".
Emolyn is doing great transitioning to being a big sister but does seem disappointed that baby sister has so many rules and places you cant touch (eyes mostly) and you aren't aloud to kiss her with food in your mouth. But she has been doing really well considering. And she loves to help! she cleans, she attempts to cook, she puts away her laundry, she gets things for me, she puts away her clean dishes. Its fantastic! She has also been pushing the envelope with her fashion sense. Its been intense.
We are looking forward to a fun-filled holiday weekend and what looks to be the start of the Holiday season, not that you would know it by the 90 degree weather! Pictures of this weekend to come soon and look for more Elsie newborn pics soon too!

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Miranda said...

So much fun!! I can't wait to see you all tonight!!!!!