Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catch up Halloween Time

Getting ready for Halloween was a little rushed this year, as I sort of feel it is every year I guess, but I love letting Emolyn get the seeds out of the pumpkin for me to roast. The cleanest way to do that was in her undies :) By the way these gerber undies are my favorite. We even bought her the "boy" ones because she wanted blue so bad. But hey we are potty trained! My mom stopped by on her way home fro work to bring me coffee for the party just in time to help Emolyn with the pumpkin.
Then it was time for our annual Halloween party. Our 7th year! We had a ton of tasty treats. Seeing as we had 3 Halloween activities I let Emolyn pick out a different costume for each using her dress-up clothes. At the party she was a ballerina fairy princess. it was sort of a combo of those three :) And she wore my Barbie shoes until I realized she might break her neck, but she wears them well.

Shawn and I were Ken and Barbie circa The Love Boat era Elsie had plenty of arms to keep her content all evening. She was "mommas little pumpkin"

Saturday evening we went to the fall festival at church which Jessica Meredith and I headed up. It turned out great! We had like 300 people show up and ended up with plenty of candy for the little ones. We had Taylor Sprague there to photography the kiddos and their families at a little hay/straw photo booth. This was Emolyns first time holding Elsie without an adult touching her. I was petrified. You can see Elsie reaching for me, poor girl. Emolyn was so focused on looking good for her picture that she was like a mannequin. We had to move her arms to put Elsie there. It was hilarious. She didn't look at Elsie once, just at the camera. But alas, Little Bo Peep found her sheep.
Linda made Emolyns adorable costume with so many fun layers and lace, she loved it! Her Elmo candy bucket didn't really match but she didn't care.

Halloween night we spent at the Schanens handing out candy. Shawn and Emolyn went trick-or-treating. Emolyn had a rough time waking up from her nap and picking out a costume was disasterous. She wanted to wear this pink summer dress, so I just put a couple more pink things on her and she was the color pink for Halloween. By the third costume dressing up gets a little old. But she and her daddy had a great time and her candy was delicious :)


tea_time said...

The photo of Emolyn and Elsie at the festival is so precious. I adore her face and their costume combos are perfect!

I'm glad you were able to have so much fun at Halloween, I'm still amazed at how much you do!

linda t said...

What a great post Nicole!
LOVE the picture of Emolyn wearing your heels.
And your family pic at the Harvest Festival is the best!

Miranda said...

I love that Nicole went as the color pink on Halloween... so resourceful! You are such a great mom Nicole. You understand your little girls so well :)