Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday time!

After shopping for our tree last week we started decorating the house. Emolyn found Maurice's (RIP) antlers and said she was a moose. Then I got out ornaments for her to put on the tree. With no direction she did this:

 All at 2 year old eye level. Hilarious.
Then on to gingerbread house creation. Note Emolyn's outfits, her favorite thing to wear lately is pajamas and swimsuits. Frequently together. Anyway we got our gingerbread house through Bountiful Baskets and got everything all ready to decorate only to find out you had to put the house together and wait 24 hours before decorating, bummer. oh and you had to have 2 pounds of powdered sugar on hand for making the "glue". Are you serious? Who has 2 pounds of powdered sugar laying around? Well lucky for us I had 1 and turns out that was more than enough (so why tell me to make it with 2?). So with much frustration and some supports the house went up.

 Elsie enjoyed the whole experience.
But today Emolyn and I got a chance to decorate. We were hoping to do it with friends but they got sick :(
 Emolyn ever-so-gently placed each nerd and mini chocolate chip in the frosting. Also we used starburst, lifesaver mints, tic-tacs, an Oreo and a york peppermint patty. Emolyn picket out all the candy for the house. great job I think. Here is the final product. I did the front of the house :)

She was very pleased with herself but sad that we have to wait until daddy gets home to eat it . And with him working long hours it feels like an eternity!
Elsie update: She is sleeping awesome through the night, only waking up once to eat. She loves to be close to me all day in the wrap but this week she has been having fun in alone time. Laying in her play yard or in the swing. She has started cooing and smiling, she has the biggest grin its adorable. Trying to capture a picture of her smiling but I haven't been fast enough yet. I love these girls!

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Miranda said...

Nicole, your posts seriously make me laugh out loud! haha! I love Elsie and Emolyn! Can't wait to decorate Christmas cookies on thursday :)