Tuesday, November 30, 2010

faces of Elsie

This is what I found on the camera after a little photo shoot in the girls room on the ground. Photos were either taken by him:

or her:


linda t said...

How CUTE!!
Daddy and his darling daughters!

Vic said...

Hi Nicole

Id like to swap families but alas it's too late in my life to do it now, and besides you'll have a hard job looking after a grumpy old man like me. No kidding, I'm the monster most mums would flush down the pan without giving it a second thought, so DON'T pull that chain because I cannot swim.

I'm Vic from London in England and came across your blog by divine fate or stupid curiosity, so who cares I'm here and that's my defence. I just want to say what a lovely family you have around you, the look of happiness is your children's faces shows they seek for nothing more. Hubby looks like a bit of joker, don't hit me I've got glasses on, it's not my fault I make a few mistakes. Seriously though Nicole, I needed cheering up and seeing your blog did the trick. I will look in again at another time to see what all of you have been up to, until then my best wishes to you all.


Miranda said...

So cute!! I loved how you described that she either looks bewildered or suspicious... haha. That thought has made me laugh all day!

kristen said...

so cute!!