Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My girly girls

Well my sweet Elsie girl has been with us for half a year now, amazing! She is so fun and happy I just lover her! And she has an awesome big sister! Emolyn is the best helper ever. She is so helpful and kind and hilarious and tender. She found these dress-up teeth with a sucker attached, i dont know which part was her favorite :) Emoyln is also the best eater ever, i mean turnips, beats, chocolate milk, raisins, she devoured a blood orange yesterday to the point that i think she ingested some rind.

Elsie has learned how to zerbert. i love it! She has started eating sweet potatoes and zucchini and seems to have an insatiable appetite, as is evident by looking at her thighs!

 She also loves her delicious fat feet!
And she has the most incredible laugh! She has been ticklish since the minute she came out and tickling her is so much fun! But I always stop when she wants, no tickle abuse here! I will see if shawn can get the video on here for you all to enjoy.
And I am humbled as I had a shocking realization yesterday, I am a slave to my to-do list. It can sometimes determine my mood, always directs my day, if things don't go according to the list I am upset/disappointed. So I need to find a balance because I think no list=insanity. Maybe some sort of rough list, like a "if I get around to it" list. Who knows, anyway its my cross to bear :)


linda t said...

I would always transfer what I did not get done on my list, to the next day's list. I use those small yellow notebooks... so I'd just rip out today's list and what did not get done would be re-written on my new list.
I actually found this ok, knowing it would eventually get done... just not when I thought it would get done.
Such darling pics of your little girly girls.

linda t said...

Actually, I never date my to-do lists. They are just a list of things to do... with no actual deadlines.
And then each day I'd pick out things I would try to do off that list... but no pressure to check it all off... just what I could manage to do that day... leaving myself lots of room for interruptions and spontaneous fun.
Hope that helps.

Nick, Noelle, Elayna, and Jack said...

The teeth, yes! Awesomeness!