Friday, April 15, 2011

Our spring garden

Our winter/spring garden has come to its end. Its time to plant some summer food but we sure enjoyed the broccoli, cabbage, turnips, carrots, basil, thyme, red leaf lettuce and are still waiting on the green bell peppers to ripen (we got 3!)

 When you plant things from seed with a 3 year old some times the drop a few too many seeds in the little hole and you end up with 50 tiny carrots! But they were delicious. She saved the biggest one for daddy because "he is a big man"
 She treated the turnips like they were her babies. Emolyn talks alot about "her" family, which is not us, its her husband Daniel Thompson and her kids, whch are constanly changing. Daniel works at a place called "donation" and its by the zoo. He is frequently at work or taking their kids to the "hostibul" (hospital) because they are sick. And some times they die, but then they are all better again :)

 She does make an excellent little mommy. I heard her telling Elsie in the other room 2 days ago "hold still Elsie", so I quickly came in to find Emolyn changing Elsie's clothes. Apparently changing her own clothes 8 times a day is not enough.
I loved that these turnips looked married to each other.

Here are my beautiful ladies!


linda t said...

That is the funniest post you have ever written.
Emolyn is surely going to pretend that Elsie is one of her kids! What a good little Mommy.
And that last picture is AMAZING... totally frame-worthy!
Love those darling little girls of yours.

Angie in AZ said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud. Emolyn is quite the character, that's for sure. Beautiful girls you have there. Geez, those Thompson's have some seriously strong genes, don't they?

Nick, Noelle, Elayna, and Jack said...

Elsie looks exactly like Shawn - wow! Emolyn looks like a little Beckie Rhodes. What beautiful kids, Nicole! We are blessed Mommies, for sure. :)