Monday, October 13, 2008

Emolyns first Halloween time

We took a trip saturday to Schnepfs Farms with the college group at church. Emolyn got tp wear her Halloween themed "BOO" shirt and she was very excited. She played with our new decorative scary pumpkin to get ready for the trip.

Once there (over an hour drive) we had a great time but brrr was it cold!

Check out the next post for Emolyns winter time photo shoot!


linda t said...

Oh my gosh! What darling pics!
SO glad you guys had a fun time in the cool, fresh fall air. Nothing like being outside at this time of year!

And what a welcome surprise for us to some home to!
Yes, we're home!

kristen said...

Oh I remember the first holidays with Kennady. Experiencing them with a kid just makes them so much fun and new!

Laura said...

Emolyn is so cute! She has such an expressive face! The green bumbo is actually borrowed, we're cheap. I really like your mint green one, I've never seen that color either.