Friday, October 17, 2008

where there was 1 now there are 2

This is Emolyn surrounded by her new barn animals that make sounds! She loves to eat them. And speaking of eating it will be a lot easier for her with another tooth! Thats right tooth number 2 has come in right next to tooth number one. Its a miracle!
Well in an effort to try and have at least one pair of jeans that fit that are not maternity jeans Shawn and I went shopping at Macys where we have a gift card yesterday. What a disaster. The womens size jeans all come up too high on my waist, even the low ones and the regular length is too long while the petite are too short. An the junior sizes all go too low on my waist, making me get a size larger to fit in to them. I think I might have tried on 100 pairs of jeans. Shawn was so patient and so was Emolyn.
Then we went to mervyns across the street who is going out of business, everything 50% off, found 2 pairs of jeans, the fit perfect. So that was all a little crazy and it makes we want to start working out.
Today I will be trying to finish the top to a miniature quilt I am making, hopefully pictures to follow. But I work tonite so I will be trying to squeeze in a nap.


kristen said...

I so feel your pain! I am such a huge size in juniors its in embarassing to say the size! I will even spend just a tad more to find jeans that fit and that don't allow my muffin top to hang over...ugh!

linda t said...

Oooh, be still my heart... so proud that little Emolyn has two little toofers!
She is cute as cute can be!

So glad you found the perfect jeans!

Miranda said...

I have seriously stopped looking at jean sizes... the brands all run so different and since I get my jeans at thrift stores, one brand will be a size 7 while another one will be 2... whatever. All i care is if they fit.

Skerrib said...

Gotta love the childbearing years! I have regular clothes, maternity clothes, and intermediate clothes, which I'm now getting into again as I gestate & get squishier. Smart to buy 2 pairs when you found jeans that fit!