Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking ahead

Well my birthday weekend was totally fun. A tiny bit of unhappiness, they found our car. It wasn't really messed up but they found it while we were out of town and so they had to tow it and it was this whole ordeal. But we got it back from the shop today and we are back where we started, only minus $350.
Emolyn had a great time with my mom over the weekend, she was her usual awesome self but mom said she could tell Emolyn missed us. We would call and talk to her and my mom would send us photos on her cell. I think we all did pretty well.
I did hear a lot of encouraging words on my birthday. Fun well-wishing phone calls were very appreciated. I am so not good at remembering birthdays that it is really fun when other people are! And I realized this was my first birthday as a mom! Which is totally fun. Only Emolyn didn't even get me a present, already ungrateful...
We get to spend this next weekend with Winston while his parents are out of town so look forward to some fun pics! And I was not the photographer in Prescott so you will have to wait for those photos too.
So much to look forward to!

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