Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Halloween got a little frantic this year with our party being on halloween night and it being Emolyns first Halloween! We ended up attending the church fall festival for a short time, mostly to show off Emolyn. But we had just taken Maurice to the beauty parlor (Petsmart) so he came along. Wow, he almost got more attention than Emolyn. His reindeer costume lasted about 2 minutes so he was just a dog this year, which went well with the theme. Emolyn was a cat, I was a mouse and Shawn was cheese. We got a family photo taken at church so when I get that one I will post it. But for now here were a few cute ones.

Madison was an inmate and her parents were police. Jeannette got the badge and Matt got the gun.

Emolyn changed costumes half way thru the party to the less hot doggy costume, but got tuckered out and headed to bed. But she didn't stay down long. She quickly realized the party was still going and stayed strong till 10:30! 
I will be posting soon about the fun decorations and snacks we had, man I love the ideas you find online!


Amy T Schubert said...

cute cute cute! that little girl is SO cute.

linda t said...

Oh my, those eyelashes in the last pic! Wow, she's a cutie!