Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remember when... This was Emolyn in her chair 6 months ago
And Emolyn now! What a big girl!
She is feeling much better and we have a fun picnic/kickball day today with the college group, Emolyn loves to be involved!
The Thompson household is trying to get set for the Holiday season. It makes me so sad the some of the excitement of Christmas gets lost in the anxiety of Christmas. Like "yeah its coming" and "Oh crap I need to go shopping". The new one person income makes the Christmas shopping a little more difficult. And I have decided we are not getting anything for Emolyn. She wont know and I am sure she will get a ton of goodies from her loving family. Maybe I will wrap some of the toys she already has for photo purposes. or maybe she will just get diapers for Christmas!


Amy T Schubert said...

I think your plan is perfect. Seriously, as a 1st grandchild on her 1st christmas she will be spoiled rotten.

My mom has this pic of me on my first christmas sitting in the middle of a pile of presents that is about 10 feet in diameter (only a slight exaggeration).


linda t said...

Look at her showing off her two little bottom tooffers!!

And my oh my, what a big girl! Such a cutie!

Michelle Ellis said...

My kids always preferred the boxes and paper to the gifts! Wrap up her favorite food in a big box!
Love you guys,

kristen said...

I completely agree with them not knowing that they are getting anything. For birthdays we have just wrapped up a special book that they will keep forever. Cheap and meaningful! I can't wait to see her...only 9 more days!