Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poor Emolyn

I took Emolyn to the Dr today because it has been 10 days and her nose is still runny! Come to find out that this tough little girl has a sinus infection, and two ear infections! You never would have known if not for the runny nose. No fever, she hasn't been irritable, just her usual pleasant self. Poor thing. So today she was 12 lbs 7 oz and her temp was 99.3. Her snot is even clear! Oh well. I knew something was funny, I am glad we took her, but I feel bad she is so sick. Hey we went 8 1/2 months with no illness thats pretty good!
We tried to put some tights on her Sunday before church. Oh wow, she hated it and man were they too big. We thought it was more funny than she did.
So we will be staying in for a few days, which Shawn is not happy about. He likes to take her out and I think he gets a little stir crazy in the house. He got to go to guitar center today while I was at home so he got a little break!


Michelle Ellis said...

So sorry! Nora was never one for the tights either! I always buy some every year hoping this will be the year she will wear them. Will I ever learn?! She is taking after her cousin!

linda t said...

Tyler had so many ear infections as a baby, that he actually got tubes at Emolyn's age!
Even when the infection would clear up, he'd always have fluid in his ears. Poor guy.

And poor little Emolyn... what a trooper! You'd never know she was even sick! Such a sweet, natured girl.

kristen said...

that pic cracks me up! I am such a tight lover on little ones especially when they are older and they don't sit like a lady so hopefully she will like them one day!

Miranda said...

Hahaha... I don't know why but baby crying pictures make me laugh. She obviously is not like Aunt Miranda, because this tights thing coming back is making me VERY excited.
Emolyn is such a sweetheart and way to go mommy for sensing something was up!! You have the gift.

P.S. I didn't dye my hair but every time I look in the mirror it starts looking redder and redder. Hm. crazy

teresa said...

she is a trooper and so darn cute! That's fantastic that she's made it so long without getting sick!Glad to know she's taking it ok!

Nate said...

Did Shawn get to hit the baseball card shop, too?

Nicole said...

I think Emolyn looks good in only tights. When they're that big, no need for a top.

And Nate, no, Shawn did not get to go to the baseball card shop, there just wasn't enough time.

NanAZ said...

So sad that she was sick. Kevin got his first ear infection at 2 WEEKS OLD and Amy had her first one at the same doctor visit when she was nearly 2 YEARS OLD! Talk about extremes. I could never tell when Kevin had one because he wasn't fussy until it got really bad. It always made me sad to know that he was sick and I didn't know it. Some kids just tolerate the pain better than others. It always feels better for the parents too, when they get on their treatment. Antibiotics are one of God's great miracles. I don't know how people managed before them.