Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 blah blah blah

So I did the 25 random things about me from facebook. Since I did it once i figured I could post it twice
1. I would rather be at my house than almost anywhere else. Even if it means more work and more things to clean, I am a home body.
2. I love my husband. He makes me feel amazing and I can't get enough of him. He is my hero.
3. I love english but I was a science major. Thank God I had those english classes to bring my GPA up.
4. I do not photography well. I love digital, so easy to erase.
5. I want to be like my mom when I grow up.
6. I have had 2 tattoos and 6 piercing
7. I love to cook. Recipe no recipe. 
8. That being said I can not bake. Too precise.
9. I can not draw. Maybe this is my list of weaknesses. But seriously. Not even stick people. please dont make me.
10. I love to scrap book. I think because I am crafty but certainly not very creative.
11. I like to sew. I have made a few quilts in my day but can not seem to finish them I get the tops done and I am over it.
12. I hate to hear babies cry when I cant be with Emolyn. It reminds me of her, not that she cries a lot but when a baby cries church I have to go get her. I miss her terribly.
13. I have poor spacial awareness and frequently run into things.
14. I also have poor coordination and can not dance. Kelsie will teach Emolyn to dance, that is if she is lucky enough to have avoided each of her parents poor dancing genes, although Shawn does a mean butterfly!
15. I have mixed feelings about my dog. Its love hate. He smells.
16. I was on a dive team in like 6th grade. potentially the worst on the team. but i still got a trophy.
17. I love dark chocolate and I do not like white chocolate.
18. I felt like a total failure when Emolyn was born. I was so sad that I could not keep her safe and help her grown and that she was better off outside me then inside. I felt like I was already a bad mom and I had just started. But then she smiled at my and cling to me and I knew she loved me even if I wasn't perfect.
19. I have 20/400 vision in my right eye.
20. I have ripped a pair of pants down the butt while i was wearing them. they were pleather, i can't talk about it anymore.
21. I have a genetic predisposition toward office supplies.
22. I wore a head gear at night in 7th grade. because you just aren't awkward enough.
23. We have only paid for 1 piece of furniture in our house. We have a ton of generous friends. Oh and non of it matches. thats a sacrifice we are willing to make.
24. In high school I ran cross country because a friend talked me into it. My body was not made to be athletic.
25. When I was little I took a spanish dancing class. I had this huge outfit and played castanets. Wow mom.


kristen said...

I can't stop laughing about the pleather...sorry!

Skerrib said...

I LOVE office supplies, and I wore a headgear at night 5th-7th grades.

NanAZ said...

Thanks for sharing Nicole. We agree on quite a few things. 7,8,10,11,14,17,23

When we first got married my dad was semi-retired but worked as a handyman for an apartment complex for a little extra money. They had furnished apartments and he got all the furniture that they were getting rid of, so he gave us a bunch of it. It was actually pretty well made, so that was our decor for many years. We still have one dresser that he gave us. It so nice not to have to buy everything when you're just starting out.