Saturday, February 7, 2009

girl stuff

Emolyn saw these shoes today that she got from Aunt Miranda for Christmas and she had to put them on! Aren't they so cute! She is working on tooth #6 and just found some crayons we had hidden in the desk, whoops! She is starting to listen to "no" and growing out of clothes so fast! I think we are going to get her a potty for her birthday!

Thanks Jana for the cute shirt! Emolyn gets to see our special friend mrs Jessica tonight! We have been missing our girlfriends but got a chance to see them last weekend. We missed Miranda Jessica and Sarah but we had a good time just relaxing together. I made cookies from Kelsie's special recipe!


linda t said...

That "Sleeping Cutie" T-shirt is just about the cutest T-shirt ever!
And the shoes! You're killing me!
I love that little girl!

Miranda said...

Emolyn, I'm so glad you like your shoes!!
I got a little teary because I miss you all so much!!
Glad you guys had such a fun girls night :)