Saturday, February 21, 2009


Emolyn and Madison had a play date this week and here were some clips of how it went.

Mostly Madison just watched Emolyn crawl around and do things. Emolyn would try to crawl on Madison or poke her in the eyes. She does have great eyes. But when Madison would cry emolyn would look at me and cry, like, "Momma make her better". They were super cute! At Mirandas request I will also be adding some video!


linda t said...

I loved have play dates when my kids were little. But I had forgotten till you posted this.
Such darling little girlfriends.

Miranda said...

they are life long friends! Thank you for the video... Emolyn is a good friend and the fact that they can already finish each other's sentences... those are best friends right there.

mbonnyfox said...

So fun. Maybe Emolyn and Noah should have a playdate sometime. They are right about the same developmentally.

Skerrib said...

Looks like a lovely time. Fun!