Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleepy baby and Monkey

This is my sleepy baby and her monkey. She loves this monkey from World Market that my grandma gave her. Its funny because she can't make up fun names for her toys yet and we just aren't that creative I guess because we have named him "monkey". I know, clever. Its not even Mr Monkey or Professor Monkey or Dr Monkey or even Captain Monkey. I remember when Benjamin was little and he had a cat named "sad kitty". Why it was sad I dont know.
P.S. Thanks Kristin for this awesome outfit!


kristen said...

Yay! It fits! I am so glad you can use some of that stuff!

Neither us or the kids are very creative either...both of them have a bear names bear. Now kennady's became "stinky bear" because, well, it became stinky!

NanAZ said...

I'm not very creative with names either, but Terry and Kevin are. We had a cat named Reebok because it had little white paws.

We gave a kitten to a friend of ours and Terry almost took it back when he found out they named her "Precious"!