Friday, March 13, 2009


My mom got us a special gift this christmas with a magazine subscription and we each get to pick our own. Well I think I am the only who is still deciding. I am reading reviews and I dont know what to pick? I like the magazine blueprint but they cancelled it. I am thinking maybe Real Simple. I like Ready Made but I got the book and the reviews seemed right on with that one. A few good ideas but mostly duds.
So I was hoping for a suggestion or two.


Angie in AZ said...

Well, first of all, might I suggest that maybe your dilemma in finding "just the right thing" will be in looking for a maGAZine instead of a maZAGine? LOL! Sorry, I just had to do that. Anyway, if you are creative at all, there is none better than Cloth, Paper, Scissors. If you like paper/book arts, then I'd suggest Somerset Studio. If you enjoy mixed media fiber art, Quilting Arts is the bomb. If you want to see any of these, just ask me. I have years of them. I read them cover to cover and even often the ads too.

linda t said...

So many of the blogs I read say that Real SImple is their favorite magazine. It's is one of those magazines choke full of info that both you and Shawn will enjoy and benefit from.

Laura said...

I loved Blueprint!! I really like domino magazine...there are so many good ones to choose from.