Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Zoo Day!

So Wednesdays in September are free at the Phoenix Zoo if you are a Frys VIP member, which who isn't? So Jeannette and I took our girls to the zoo. Madison is 6 months younger that Emolyn and they had a great time together. They almost held hands once. Mostly we were glad there was no hitting or stealing of things. They played very well well together. And what a cute pair!Jeannette had to go to the bathroom and Madi was non too happy to be alone with me!
So I see now Emolyn might need a bigger shirt!

We had a great time! We cant wait to watch these birgls grow up together! And cant wait for more new friends to come! Welcome Rori!


linda t said...

Oh my gosh, that last pic of Emolyn made me smile so big! She is adorable.
And what a cool pic to enlarge... cuz I can see you taking the pic!

NanAZ said...

LOVE those freebies! When we were in So Cal, the great museums in L.A. were free one day each month and we were able to enjoy visits down there once in a while. Do they have that here at the museums? She's a little young for museums unless it's a children's museum, I suppose.