Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things Emolyn likes

Emolyn loves to brush her teeth, and she is a good brusher! Only she cries when we take her toothbrush away. Also in this picture is what we call "bunny baby" a sweet gift from Aunt Etna and Uncle Barry that is a baby in a little bunny costume. Emolyn loves it and was heart broken when she needed a bath today, baby bunny that is. She had a run in with a very drippy, very upside down sippy cup of milk. ANd of course you all know about the hat issue we have.
I just put this outfit on Emolyn the other day and I wish I would have done it sooner! The overalls are almost too short! They are hand-me-downs and she loves them! She had her hand in her pocket like all day. Also pictured is her baby stroller. Poor Maurice has been rammed several times but she loves it.
Baby Signing Time. Emolyn LOVES IT! Im so glad our friend Anne is letting us borrow it because it is fantastic. Emolyn knows over 30 signs. It amazing. She dances she closes her eyes and sings, she spins in a circle. It has made baby communication much easier. Although she has really started talking a lot more lately. Still calls almost everyone "mom" and screams "mom" a lot, she did say "pop pop" when she saw Randys picture!
And now you know Emolyn is a gangster. She put both hats on herself and can do some of her dressing herself. But this is her new pose. And when she sees herself (she will spend 10 minutes in front of the oven taking and dancing for her reflection) she sticks out her tongue.
Ever heard the term "makin and relaxin" or "chillin like a villian"? Either of those would describe this unposed picture that Shawn captured. Priceless.
Otherwise life is me at work and shawn job searching and doing some free-lance design work from home. His new company is called Ithaca Designs. Check out some of his stuff here.


linda t said...

I can already tell that Emolyn has quite the imagination. Love that!
She is truly the coolest little girl on the planet! AND the cutest.

tea_time said...

Love it! Those overalls are priceless. :) Is it time to switch BST videos again? I wish I could give you both but Maddie would be none too pleased. I could bring the video tomorrow to bible study.

NanAZ said...

I LOVE all her different looks! She is quite the character. You should cut off the overalls for shorts and she could still wear them until it cools down. I used to love my kids in overalls too.

Laura said...

is it the baby einstein video or something different? I would love for the angry screaming fits to cease, or at least become a little less frequent. She learned drink now too! It's so cute isn't it?