Saturday, August 22, 2009


Emolyn loves to put on hats. She comes out of her room wearing them. Its pretty hilarious. Hee are a few examples. Some times the hats are hers, some times not. Oh and she does the same with her "hair accessories".

She also loves shoes. She is such a little lady!


Miranda said...

LOVE the top picture!!

linda t said...

Oh those pics of Emolyn Kate made my day!

She just lights up a room... and her love of accessories just adds to her sweet personality. I can see that I need to get her pretend dress-up box put together.

Love your little family.

Angie in AZ said...

She is such a character! I can see that dress up will be a huge thing for her. Have Grammy start a dress up trunk for her, pronto! Love the crocs on the wrong feet! LOL!

Laura said...

I love the crocs on the wrong feet in the 2nd picture...too cute.

NanAZ said...

Love the 2nd pic! She is quite that fashion plate. Amy would never leave a hat on for more than 10 seconds. Sad.

I guess we'll be looking for accessories for her for Christmas.